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Forgive Now

Don’t deter yourself!

Return to the one who harmed you and forgive, helping him to recover.

Think it over and support him!

How many pains and disturbances whipped your spirit before his voice raised to offend you or before his arm bearing incomprehension, granted you with the depressive stroke?

Keep calm and help, ceaselessly.

Later it’s possible that you yourself won’t be able to bear a terrible assault of wrath and will, too, claim for the others’balsam of comprehension.

Return home or to the fight and spread, again, love’s blessing, with all the hearts that lie poisoned by the gall of cruelty or by the calumny’s venom.

Don’t hesitate, though!

Forgive now, while the opportunity of approaching favors the good wishes, because tomorrow this bright occasion will probably be gone and you won’t find around you anything but ashes of regret and bitter cry of useless sorrow.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “Assim Vencerás” – IDEAL Edition