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Forgiveness and Freedom

Learn to forgive, conquering the freedom that lies in serving.

It’s necessary to forget the evil so the good can be effected.

Wherever you work, exercise constructive tolerance so that disturbances don’t find room for enslaving your tasks …

At home cherish fraternal understanding, so that the shadow doesn’t find opportunities to put shackles on your spirit…

Wherever you are or go, remember the unconditional forgiveness, so that the others’ help can assure peace to your life.

Understanding should be vital among us, so that tomorrow we don’t end up imprisoned in the net of darkness. Death is not a simple and pure liberation.

Detaching the spirit from the body does not mean exonerating its proper feelings.

Many bring along with themselves, beyond the grave, a poisoned glass of gall with which they destroy the best dreams of those who remained on Earth. And many of those who stay on Earth keep in the heart a vase of fire with which they destroy the best hopes of those who demand the gray grave’s gate.

Don’t seek to your soul the invisible hell of hatred.

Be on good terms with your opponent today, trying to understand and serve him, so that you prevent yourself from enrolling in afflictive quarrels with occult forces tomorrow. Postponing reconciliation to when death comes is tormenting your current life now.

Always forgive, admitting that we don’ t do without the others’ patience.

Not always are we the real victims, because sometimes, through non- manifested attitude, we lead the other to act against us,making ourselves become, before the Divine Justice Court, authors of the faults that we unduly grumble over before others.

Intolerance is violence.

Spiritual harshness is cruelty.

Almost always, criticism corrodes the good, as much as the accusation is often the incandescent whip.

Knowing that we will run into the projection of ourselves along the road, let us keep forgiveness as the advocate of our freedom, helping us now , not to be deprived of help later.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “Trevo de Idéias” – UEM Edition