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From What we Suffer More

From what we suffer most in the world –

It’s not the difficulty. It’s the discouragement to overcome it.

It’s not the probation. It’ s the despair in face of the suffering.

It’s not the disease. It’s the fear of accepting it.

It’ s not the unhappy relative. It’s the sorrow of having him in the family.

It’s not the failure. It’s the stubbornness in not recognizing your own mistakes.

It’s not the ingratitude. It’s the incapacity of loving without selfishness.

It’s not your own smallness. It’s the revolt against others’ superiority.

It’s not the injury. It’s the wounded pride.

It’s not the temptation. It’s the voluptuousness of experimenting its proposals.

It’s not the aging body. It’s the passion for appearance.

As it’s easy to notice, in the solution to any trouble, the worst problem is the load of distress we create, develop and support against ourselves.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “Passos da Vida” – IDE Edition