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Labour and Keep Faith

Where love is, God is, and where love is, joy is. The highest spirits of life are in harmony with this great design for living. If our way is troublesome and obscure, God's love gives us strength and guidance within.

Do you believe in immortality? Then be of good cheer. Believe it or not, you live in the beyond even as you live in your earthly body.

Pessimistic man likes to close his eyes to shut out the light, and to visualize in darkness. In the world, you have pain and tribulation, but God is on your side. You do not work alone. You know this.

A problem becomes difficult only when you suppose it is hard. Visualize a definite goal, exactly what you want to do. Believe in yourself; help yourself. When we accept God's blessings, live abounds with peace and happiness within us and around us.

If you make mistakes, begin again. Be constructively self-critical. Do not disturb yourself. Carry with you joy and strike out ahead. Keep an open mind. Your thoughts are important, very important.

There is no darkness with power over light.

God speaks to you through voices of good conscience. Be calm, but be active. Do not waste time. Be a volunteer who acts, who gives and receives. Be sure of your effort and give your complete attention to accomplishing it. Help and you will be helped.

Earthly life is a school. In it there is a lesson for each of s. Be tranquil, labour and keep faith in God.

July 12 1965, New York, NY