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Certainly you ought to look ahead and not back where new discoveries show horizons unlimited.

Everything affirms the machine's power. Men now have inventions in order to follow the scientific revolution, but in all the world, around us, there is a large spiritual darkness. Everywhere we can observe frustration, doubt, bereavement and fear of the future.

People today look like new-rich and new-poor in spiritual truth. Science is lighting up the outside of life while crises of anxiety are hurting inside. The world to us seems an immense search under assault of dangerous enemies of the soul.

What can be done about this? Do we sit down and applaud it? When I deny help to my neighbour I deny it to myself.

We shall enter more into this problem, because we are immersed in it.

Here and there we must go out of our way to aid the discouraged and helpless fellowman.

After death, in the Spirit World, we realize this. What about you?

You and I can be firm in truth, but no one of us is guiltless. We fail more frequently than we think. In other words, we easily fall into weakness, selfishness, intolerance, cruelty or impatience. Whenever it happens the obsessing spirits bring to you their influence. Insanity can appear. Then you must pray in order to find a practical way of freeing yourself. Above all, be cooperative. Look for the Good. You can help others, because you are never alone. Whenever you need help, God is at hand. The inferior spirit must become a true man before he can be an angel. All these so called devils, are human beings. Let us bless them, give them more love.

July, 15 1965, New York, NY