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Spiritist conceptualization about Good and Evil

What characterizes the spiritist Doctrine and makes it easily understandable is its objectivity. You could say that Spiritism is a doctrine of synthesis. Averse to sterile theological and philosophical ruminations, it goes straight to the heart through reasoning and common sense. Its message is compelling, satisfying the most basic existential yearnings of the human being.

For the higher spirits there is no way to talking about the question of good and evil without emphasizing the moral, which is the rule of good conduct and therefore the distinction between good and evil. In turn, the moral is based on observing the law of God.

Men behave well when they do everything having in view good of all, so they are observing law of God, They teach us.

Thus, so complicated question of good and evil, which still bears many interpretive controversies, particularly the spheres of religion and philosophy, it loses its paradoxical sense on clarity of the teaching of higher spirits. The good is all that is in accordance with the law of God, and evil is all that is opposite to it. So doing good is to conform to the law of God, doing evil is violating the law, teach the spirits to Allan Kardec.

There is no room for ambiguity: Jesus said "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them", everything is all about. so you can be sure - they emphasize. And with that, they underpin the fundamental spiritist concept of action and reaction, which enables us to understand the workings of the laws of divine justice. For spiritualism, creature is not punished or rewarded by God, but, reap what you sow spontaneously, through their conduct and their works, as well explained Jesus.

Why evil is in nature of things?

Kardec asks this deep philosophical question to the spirits that advised him during the compilation of The Book of Spirits.

And they say: we have said, the spirits were created simple and ignorant. God allows man to choose the way: so much the worse for him to follow the evil, their pilgrimage will be longer. If there were no mountains, man could no understand that he can rise and fall, and if there were no rocks, does not understand that there are hard bodies. It is necessary that the spirit gains experience that is necessary for him to know good and evil, this is why there is a union of spirit and body.

The Spirits also say that evil depends, above all, of the will of man has to do it and man is guilty according his knowledge.

It is not enough don't do evil, we must do good:

Another important concept, in question of good and evil, is that it is not enough we do not do evil to show ourselves acceptable to God, trying to secure a future situation. We must do good with all our strength, because each one will answer for all evil that has occurred because of the good him left to do.

This concept goes even further, as a safe route for our evolutionary journey on Earth. The spirits emphasize: there is nobody who can not do good, only the selfish not ever find opportunity to practice it.

It is enough to be in relationship with other men to do good and everyday life offers the possibility to people who are not blinded by selfishness, because doing good is not just being charitable, but be useful to the extent possible, where help is necessary.

Therefore, the proposal of spiritualism is the same of Jesus: to redeem men from their deep immersion in the thick shadows of evil, through the courageous and diligent practice of good.