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The Mediums' Book





Translated from the Eighty-fourth Thousand




Index of "The Mediums' Book"

Translator's Preface


PART FIRST - Preliminary Observations

Chapter 1 - Do Spirits Exist ?

Chapter 2 - The Marvelous and the Supernatural

Chapter 3 - Plan of Proceeding

With Materialists; Systematic Materialists, and Materialists from lack of any better hypothesis - Incredulity from ignorance, from ill-will, from self-interest, from dishonesty, from pusillanimity, from religious scruples, from hoaxings - There classes of Spiritists: Experimental Spiritists; Imperfect Spiritists; Christian or True Spiritists - Order to be observed in the investigation of Spiritism.

Chapter 4 - Theories

Different opinions in regard to Spiritism - Theories of Negation; Charlatanism; Madness; Hallucination; The Cracking Muscle; Physical Causes; Reflexion or Cerebration - Affirmative Theories: The Collective Soul; the Somnambulic; the Pessimist; the Diabolical or Demoniacal; the Optimist; the Unispiritist or Monospiritist; the Multispiritist or Polyspiritist; Theory of the Material Soul.

PART SECOND - Spirit Manifestations

Chapter 1 - Action of Spirits on Matter

Chapter 2 - Physical Manifestations - Table-Turning

Chapter 3 - Intelligent Manifestations

Chapter 4 - Theory of Physical Manifestations

Movements and liftings - Sounds - Temporary increase and decrease of the weight of bodies.

Chapter 5 - Spontaneous Physical Manifestations

Noises, racket, and disturbances - Things thrown about - Objects introduced spontaneously into rooms - Statements by a Spirit in regard to these phenomena.

Chapter 6 - Visual Manifestations

Theoretical explanation of Apparitions - Theory of Hallucination.

Chapter 7 - Bi-Corporeity and Transfiguration

Apparitions of the spirit of persons in the flesh - Doubles - Saint Alfonso of Liguori and Saint Antony of Padua - Vespasian - Transfiguration - Invisibility.

Chapter 8 - Laboratory of the Invisible World

Spirit-clothing - Spontaneous formation of tangible objects - Modification of the properties of the matter - Curative action of animal magnetism.

Chapter 9 - Haunted Places

Chapter 10 - Nature of Spirit Communications

Coarse, frivolous, serious, and instructive communications.

Chapter 11 - Sematology and Typtology

The language of signs; raps and tiltings - Alphabetical typtology.

Chapter 12 - Pneumatography or Direct Writing; Pneumatophony or Direct Spirit-Sounds

Chapter 13 - Psychography

Indirect Psychography: Planchettes, etc. - Direct or Manual Psychography.

Chapter 14 - Mediums

Physical Mediums - Electric Persons - Sensitive or Impressionable Mediums - Hearing Mediums - Speaking Mediums - Seeing Mediums - Somnambulist Mediums - Healing Mediums - Pneumatographic Mediums.

Chapter 15 - Writing Mediums or Psychographs

Mechanical Mediums - Intuitive Mediums - Semi-mechanical Mediums - Inspired or Involuntary Mediums - Presentient Mediums.

Chapter 16 - Special Mediums

Special aptitudes of Mediums - Synoptical Table of the Different Varieties of Mediums.

Chapter 17 - Formation of Mediums

Development of Medianimity - Changes in the writing of Mediums - Loss and Suspension of Medianimity.

Chapter 18 - Difficulties and Dangers of Medianimity

Influence of Medianimity on the Health - Idem on the Brain - Idem on Children.

Chapter 19 - The Action of the Medium in the Obtaining of Spirit-Manifestations

Influence of the Medium - Mediumship attributed to inert bodies - Aptitude of certain mediums for languages, music, drawing, &c., of which they have no present knowledge - Dissertation of a Spirit on the action of mediums in Spirit-Manifestations.

Chapter 20 - Mental and Moral Influence of the Medium

Questions - Dissertation of a Spirit on the Mental and Moral Influence of Mediums on Spirit-Manifestation.

Chapter 21 - Influence of Surroundings on Spirit-Manifestations

Chapter 22 - Medianimity of Animals

Chapter 23 - Obsession

Simple Obsession - Fascination - Subjugation - Causes of Obsession - Means of combating Obsession.

Chapter 24 - Identity of Spirits

Obtainable proofs of Identity - Distinction between Good and Evil Spirits - Questions on the Nature and Identity of Spirits.

Chapter 25 - Evocations

General Considerations - Spirits who may be evoked - Mode of addressing Spirits - Utility of Special Evocations - Questions on Evocation - Evocation of Animals - Evocation of Living Persons - Human Telegraphy.

Chapter 26 - Questions That May Be Addressed to Spirits

Preliminary Observations - Questions that are agreeable or disagreeable to Spirits - Questions about the Future - About Past and Future Existences - About Moral and Worldly Interests - About the Destiny of Spirits - About Health - About Inventions and Discoveries - About Hidden Treasures - About other Worlds.

Chapter 27 - Contradictions and Hoaxings

Chapter 28 - Charlatinism

Mercenary Mediumship - Sham Spiritism.

Chapter 29 - Spiritist Meetings and Societies

Of Meetings in General - Of Societies properly so-called - Subjects for study - Rivalry among Societies.

Chapter 30 - Parisian Society for Psychologic Studies

Chapter 31 - Dissertations by Spirits

On Spiritism - Mediums - Meetings - Apocryphal Communications.

Chapter 32 - Spiritist Vocabulary