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1) Begin the day in the light of Prayer.
God’s love never fails.

2) Accept any difficulty without much ado.
Today is time to do the best.

3) Work with joy.
The idler, even when appearing to be in a golden pedestal, is a thinking corpse.

4) Do people good as much as you can.
Each creature transits among his own creations.

5) Value the minutes.
Everything returns, except lost time.

6) Learn how to obey acknowledging your own obligations.
If you don’t believe in discipline, observe a car with no brakes.

7) Esteem simplicity.
Luxury is the mausoleum of those who approach death.

8) Forgive unconditionally.
Growing angry is the best way to lose.

9) Be gentle, especially at home.
Try serving members of your family the way you do with visitors.

10) For your own peace, remain loyal to yourself.
Remember that in the day of the Calvary the crowd applauded the triumphant cause of the crucifiers, but Christ, lonely and defeated, was God’s cause.

Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “O espírito da Verdade” – FEB Edition