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Trust Always

Don’t lose your faith amidst the shadows of the world.

Even if your feet bleed, keep going, raising your faith to the celestial light above you.

Be faithful and work.

Strive for kindness and wait patiently.

Everything goes by and everything is renovated on Earth, but what comes from Heaven will remain forever.

Out of all miserable, the unhappiest ones are those who lost faith in God and in themselves, because the worst misfortune is to be deprived of faith and continue living.

Therefore look up and walk ahead.

Strive and serve. Learn and step ahead.

Dawn shines beyond the night.

Today the storm might tighten your heart and torment your ideal, inflicting distress and threatening with death.

Don’t forget, however, that tomorrow will be another day.

Spirit: MEIMEI
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
In: “Cartas do Coração” – LAKE Edition