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Bible Prophecy

Ezequiel González

Biblical Prophecy does not exist a vacuum. It is not a matter of putting all the passages that deal with a given subject into one database, juggle them around a bit and see how many interesting combinations we can make. That is not the way to study Bible prophecy. Neither can we interpret the Bible developing a complete ideological picture based on one or two passages, and then bending and forcing everything else to fit that framework. Bible prophecy must be seen in the context of God's Purpose for mankind. That purpose can only be understood by studying Bible History. The will of God unfolds in the development of the Biblical narrative. An understanding of Biblical History is essential for a proper understanding of Biblical Prophecy. We must also remember that there was a local or inmmediate context for each and every prophecy. That inmediate context must be understood and taken into account.

The Eternal Purpose of the Godhead

After many years studying the Bible and Biblical History I have come to the following conclusions regarding God's transcendental purpose for mankind. What I present in the next few paragraphs is just a theory. It provides an overall background for the analisys that would follow. It is not necessary for the understanding of the rest, but it does complement it. You may skip ahead to the next heading, or you may stay with me, at the very least the next few paragraphs does provide an interesting reading.

The Godhead has a purpose. Spiritual entities and physical matter continiously emanate from the Godhead. Eventually both of them come together in the process of Incarnation. Spirit and Matter blend into one Self Conscious Entity. This entity continious to develop and expand as a Self Conscious Energy Field till it absorb and trasncend the physical body. Leaving behind its physical existence this entity expands into the Godhead. Rejoins once again the Godhead bringing with him his experience and interaction with the material world.

The natural path of development for any and every spiritual entity is to incarnate, learn and grow. Unfortunately, once upon a time, a very busy and "spiritual" angel tried to do so much as a spiritual entitty that he just went too far. The process by which spiritual entities emanate from the GodHead is a natural one. Other spiritual entities, however, could bring together the right conditions for this process to happen almost at will. For the unlearned this would seem like the artificial creation of Life. However, life emanates from God, we can only propitiate the right conditions for it to happens.

This angel, however, went too far. In trying to create the Perfect Spiritual Entity, he not only postponed his own natural incarnation, but also tried to create an entitity that would go from emanation to reintegration into the Godhead without incarnating. The time went this "Perfect Son of God" came into existence, was one of rejoicing for the entire Spiritual SOciety. Unfortunately. The process went sour. The Perfect angel was self-centered, and wanted the entire creation to revolve around him. He could not understand and would not allow for the process of spiritual growth and evolution to go on. He could not relate for the need of other entities to encarnate, to learn, to grow, to return to the Godhead. He wanted to be the Godhead.

Of course, this "Perfect Angel" is now know as the Devil, and his creator was Michael. Since then, Michael has been trying to contain the Devil, and the entire cycle of creation has been altered by their continious struggle.

The Human Race is made up of incarnated spiritual entities. The devil does not understand, neither does he likes the process if incarnation. For him this process the physical world is inferior and must be done away with. Spiritual entities should grow and develop as spiritual entities apart and separate from the physical world. Physical entities are inferior entities that should be used just like we humans tend to use the other physical entities (animals) that populate our planet.

That is why the devil has oppose the Adam's Project from the very beginning. He does not want the human race to developing into a superior race. He wants us to degrade ourselves completly.

Mankind is part of God's natural cycle. One day humanity will expand into the Godhead; in a very real way will become God. Then, meanwhile other races will emerge. The process of incarnation must continue. But the devil, in his limited, self-centered mentality, cannot understand how you can become God by growing in understanding. He does not understand how you could grow spiritualy by encarnationg in a physical world. He cannot see how can we all become one God, while at the same time that one God continius to emmanate new spiritual entities. He does not understnad. But his lack of understnading is dangerous.

Starting in the Garden of Eden, Satan has been opposing the individual and collective development of the Human Race. Nevertheless, we have come a long way. And is interesting to note that the Historical Force that have push mankind forward has been the Judeo-Christian Civilization. This is no accident. The Godhead has been behind this.

The first Human Civilization

The first great human civilization was the pre-flood civilization. It extended for over 1500 years. At that time humans were physically superior, there were seemingly unlimited resources, no limitations with regard to sexual intercourse and an explicit commandment to grow and multiply. Humans could live up to 900 years at that time. Thus, starting with two adults (ready and eager to mate) at year one, could you imagine how many billions must have been by year 1600?

This civilization, however, was based on individuals, there was no widespread sense of nationality or collective identity. Thus, while a few achieved great intelectual development, others degenerated themselves. This civilization came to an end with the universal flood. This took place about the year 1600 after Adam. Next came a period of transicion. The life expectancy went from 900 to 100 years, and eventually 80. Mankind started to organize themselves in Empires (being the first one the Babilonian, under Nimrod). The Understanding about cosmic cycles was replace by the worship of the start (astrolatry). Mankind semed to be going dounhill.

But God had a plan. And the unfolding of that plan started with a man called Abram. God put Abraham through many difficult tests in order to imprint in him certain characteristics that God wanted his offspring to have. Abraham eventually had several sons, but God choose Isaac as the inheritor of the divine promise. From Isaac the promise passed to his younger son, Jacob, and from Jacob it spread upon his twelve sons. Their descendants became the "twelve tribes" of the Israelite Nation. Eventually this offspring became a genetic race; that is, a people spread all over the world and having various physical characteristics, but sharring the genetic imprint God gave them through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Bible prophecy is centered on the destiny of the Israelite people. They are the chosen people. It is through this people and race that God will fulfill his purpose for mankind. In the Book of Genesis we have the origins of this People and the inconditional promise God made to Abraham Isaac and Jacob that guarantees that the divine purpose on Israel will be fulfilled. The other historical books deal with the development of the people of Isarel. The prophetic writtings deal with the future fulfilment of these abramic promises.

The Gospels deals with something else, yet very closely related. The incarnation, message, sacrificial death, resurection and teaching of Jesus, God manifested in human form. Yet, even all this was done in order for the divine purpose to be fulfilled. The promise to Abraham was inconditional. God must fulfill it. No matter what it may cost him (and if you had any doubt about his commitment just consider the hell he went thru at Calvary). Christ came, however, not to change the Law (the Siniatic system of worship) and the Prophets (God's manifested destiny for the Israelite race), but to enable their fulfilment. The historical development of Christianity as a religious movement separate and distinct from judaism was a deviation from the original teachings and purpose of Christ. Present day Judaism, unfortunately, is not much better. It is a glorification of Jewish culture and tradition, leaving out the hart and soul of the siniatic law: the sacrificial system of worship and the Levitical Priesthood. Christianity at least accepted Jesus. Judaism rejected Jesus and distorted Moses.

The Bible is not Christ-Centered. The Bible is Israel-Centered. Christ came to make sure that the promises made to Israel will be fulfilled.

Abraham, Isacc and Jacob

The Israelite People [or race] arose out of the promise God made to Abraham. After dealing for over 1500 years with the Pre-Flood civilization God choose one man to turn his offspring into a selected race that God would then use to fulfill his divine purpose for mankind. That one man was Abraham.

This entire relationship between God, Abraham and Abraham's seed could be understood as genetic breeding. In order for God's purpose to be fulfilled there must be a people willing to do certain things, and paid the ultimate price for their actions. The drive to do so must be imprinted in their genetic code. That's what all the strict regulations, including circunscision was all about. Breeding a people willing to do what must be done. A people driven by an ultimate purpose, a trascendetal goal. The Servant of God so well described in Isiah 53 is the final result of this breeding. Isaiah 53 has been aplied to Jesus, but that is only a secondary aplication. Jesus in his sacrificial death fulfilled some aspects of this prophecy, but the complete and final fulfilment of this prophecy is still wating for a people willing to fulfil it.The genetic breeding, development and ultimate manifestations of this unique people is the underline theme of Bible Prophecy.

Abraham's wife was sterile, she could not bare children. Abraham was already 100 years old and Sarai, his wife, was 90. Yet God intervened and she concieved and bared a child. They named him Isaac. Yet one day God told Abraham to take Isaac to a hill in Mount Moriah (in the neighborhood of what latter on would be known as Jerusalem) and to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. That meant thay he had to prepare an woden alter, place Isaac upon it, cut his throat so that he would bleed to death and then light the wood so that Isaac would burn entirely! Abraham obeyed, as well as Isaac. They ask no question, offer no resistance, delayed not a second, inmediately they did exactly as they were told.

And at the very last second, just as Abraham was raising his his hand to slaugther his beloved son, the voice of God thundered from heaven, ordering him not to do it. As they look around the saw a ram caught in the bushes. They offer it instead. And God spoke to Abraham, making an unconditional covenant with him. Abraham obeyed God unconditionaly. God made him an unconditional promise as well.

From Abraham this promise passed to his beloved son Isaac and then to Isaac younger son, Jacob. To each one of them God reiterated the same promise made to Abraham. You may read Genesis starting at chapter 12 to see these promises in their complete historical context.

Jacob had twelve sons. As he was dying he blessed his twelve sons, giving each one an indication of what would happen to his descendants in the "latter days". Latter on Moses also blessed the twelve tribes in a similar manner. Of the twelve tribes of Israel, the tribe of Juda inherited the Monarchic line; that is, the king of Isarel would come out of the tribe of Juda. The promise, however, of national greatness was inherited by Ephrain, and here we have some expalining to do.

The firstborn was suppose to receive the greatest blessing from his parents. In prophetic terms this would translate into National blessings. Jacob's firstborn was Reuben, but once upon a time [] Reuben had sexual relations with one of his own father's wives and Jacob learned about it. Thus Jacob took the firstborn rights away from him.

Jacob's favorite wife was Rachel. Rachel's son was Joseph. So he became Jacob's favorit son. This is the same Joseph that was sold to the Egyptian as a slave but eventually became governor of the entire kingdom of Egypt. [see Genesis] In Egypt Joseph got married and had two sons, Manasah and Ephrain. Eventualy the entire family was reunified. When Jacob became very very old he called his sons to bless them before he died. Joseph came with his two sons. Jacob blessed them, adopting them as his own for purposes of the blessing. And it so happens that he choose Ephrain, his grandson as his firstborn.

Thus the descendants of Manasah would become a great and powerful nation [see Genesis ] but the descendants of Ephrain would become not only one great nation, but also a multitude of nations.

From the Stock of Israel a multitude of nations would arise. And at least one of them would become first the most powerful nation and then would split into a multitude of nations.

This is the central theme of the promise God made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their descendants will extend all over the earth and from them will arise first a few powerful nations and them a multitude of nations. Through these nations God's purpose for mankind would be fulfilled.

The Israelite Nation