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Does God Exist?

Ezequiel González

The existence of God has been debated over the centuries. This is a debate that may never end. But for those fortunate enough to understand Orgonomy there is a way out.

The late Wilhelm Reich was a great psychoterapist who in the early forties discovered the "life Energy" and baptized it "Orgone". He discovered that this energy is the primary energy from where everything else comes. He also notice that the Cosmic Orgone Energy Continuum have many of the characteristics that have been attributed to God. Thus, it would seen easy to say that God is really the orgone energy Continuum. This answer is a good approximation to the truth, but may not be the whole truth.

In the theological arena there are two conceptions of God; the Personal God, and the impersonal God. The Personal God is a Self-Conscious Intelligence that exists independently of the material world, or our subjective experience. The impersonal God is a mere ultimate energy or spiritual force. Thus, what Reich discovered was the God of Buddhism. The Primordial Energy.

Evolution versus Creation

Matter is nothing more than life energy organized in fixed geometric [mathematical] formations. Under further orgone energy influence this matter will turn into life matter and further down the road into intelligent life forms. The dichotomy between evolution and creation is resolve in that non living matter can and does evolve into living matter; and living organisms does evolve from very simple to extremely complex; but this only occurs under the presence of a strong life energy (orgone) field. If we identify this energy field as "God", then it becomes clear that evolution only occurs under God's will. There is no need for evolution to take millions and millions of years; if the orgone energy field is intense enough then the transformation of non living matter into highly complex life forms may take place in a very short period of time.

[How fast? Just consider that there are over 10 millions nanoseconds in a single second; time is a relative thing, if the orgone energy field is 10 billions times stronger the process may take a whole less time].

The Brain of God

Orgone energy is the actual source of physical matter, and is also the source of physical intelligence. At the very least if orgone energy is God then we as intelligent beings can view ourselves as the brain of God; as God's self-conscious identity.

However, before we become too proud, we must consider the possibility that a highly dense orgone energy field may organize itself into a Self Conscious Intelligence in and by itself, without the need of any physical matter. If that is the case, then the Cosmic Orgone Energy Continuum when concentrated in a relatively dense manner is in itself a Self Conscious Intelligence; that is, a Personal God.

The Human Brain when under the presence of a highly dense orgone energy field will function under the influence of that field; becoming for all practical purposes a center of consciousness for that field. If more than one person is under the its influence then the various brains will operate in synchronicity. When millions of brains are under the influence of one and the same orgone energy field they will act as cells within a larger brain. Thus, as the human race comes in contact with the Cosmic orgone energy field, we as a group become a conscious manifestation of the Godhead.

[This capacity to become, "The consciousness of God" is limited, however, by the mental and biophysical armor within ourselves.]

Laboratory Testing

In summary the Orgone Energy is God. This energy has the ability to organize itself into highly complex, self Conscious Intelligent fields. When interacting with matter, this energy will influence matter leading it toward increasingly complex self conscious intelligent formations.

Of all that I have said, the crucial point that would need further laboratory testing is the behavior of Orgone Energy Fields. If this theory is correct a Highly Dense orgone energy field will behave in a Self Conscious Intelligent way. Obviously, we don't know how dense that field must be before it starts behaving as a self conscious entity. But long before that happens that field will influence those around him. They will perceive it as superior entity. Their reaction will depend on their previous understanding. Some will worship it, some will fear it, some will become its spokesmen [prophets].

This theory will explain the experiences of the Book of Exodus where Moses came in contact with a highly dense orgone energy field. All the purification requirements and seemingly arbitrary "acts of God" describe in Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy can be explain in terms of Human beings coming in contact with an extremely strong orgone energy field. Further down the road, when King David was taking the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem one person accidentally touched the Ark and God killed him on the spot. Of course, if that ark was an "Orgone Energy Accumulator" as its construction would suggest, then what happens was a orgone energy discharge widely known to those involve in orgonomy. As any practicing orgonomist will tell you, when dealing with Strong Orgone Energy fields you must be extremely careful, or suffer the consequences.

Orgonomy has already established the existence of a Primary Energy that exhibits all the characteristics of the impersonal God. But would that same energy behave as a Self Conscious Cosmic Intelligence? Does orgone energy when concentrated in relatively strong field exhibits Intelligent, Self Conscious behavior? If the answer is yes, then The God of Monotheism exists.

Life After Death

Another important point is life after death. If a self Conscious Orgone energy field can exist independently of a physical body, then; What Happens to the self conscious human orgone energy field [the human entity] once the physical body becomes unable to retain it? Does the energy field simply dissolves back into the larger orgone energy Continuum, or does it continues to exist as a distinct, identifiable, entity?

Once again, theologians and philosophers may debate this for ever and ever, but orgonomists should study it objectively. They have the intellectual and laboratory tools needed to do so. With the proper test equipment they should seek to establish:

  1. If highly dense orgone energy fields exhibits Intelligent behavior and

  2. where the orgone energy within the Human body goes at the time of death.

Of course they would have to be careful. On the first case we don't know how strong the orgone energy field must be before it exhibits Self Conscious Intelligence. When dealing with strong orgone energy fields we must be extremely careful. Furthermore, if strong orgone energy fields do exhibit Self conscious Intelligence then, as we seek to establish those fields we are contacting a Superior, Primordial Cosmic Intelligence. Have to be careful with that.

With regard to life after death, we don't know how much orgone energy would need to stay together, as one identifiable field, in order for the Self Conscious Identity to be preserve. It could be that part of the energy dissolves back into the environment while another part (we don't know how large or how tiny) stays together as one Identifiable entity. Thus the experiments would have to be very precise in their measurements. Also the influence of the atmospheric orgone energy and the energy fields of those who are making the experiment would have to be taken into account. Sometimes variations on those fields affect traditional scientific procedures making the results unreliable, how much more when the subject of study is the tiny and changing orgone energy field of a deceased person!

As we take these various elements into consideration, the objective determination of what happens to the orgone energy field and the Self Conscious Identity of a deceased person is not an easy task. But with care and determination it can be done.

If the Existence of a Supreme Self Conscious Intelligence is scientifically proven; and if we as human beings continue to exists [as self conscious orgone energy fields] after the dissolution of our physical bodies; then it follows that the basic tenets of monotheism has been scientifically proven. If there is a divine Intelligence then there must be a divine will. It would be wise to find out what that will is.

Of course you may discard all this as the work of a religious persons [did I hear somebody say fanatic? I don't think so, a fanatic is not as open minded and rational as I am] who wants to use orgonomy to argue the existence of God. But remember, the Science of Orgonomy does have the tools, and intellectual - scientific understanding, needed to determine if the Orgone Energy Continuum has its own Self Conscious Intelligent Identity. Thus instead of debating the subject add infinitum, why not conduct the proper experiments?

Astrological Connection

But Somebody may ask, what this has to do with Astrology? Quite a bit. The behavior of the Orgone Energy Continuum provides the link between the Cosmos and Ourselves. If the Orgone Energy Continuum is "just" a primordial energy, its behavior will be determine by "simple" physical laws we may study and learn. In an indirect way, this is precisely what Astrology has done; determine a set of natural laws that could be applied to determine the Cosmic Influence upon the individual. But if at a given moment or under given circumstances the orgone energy Continuum starts behaving as a Self Conscious Intelligence then its influence upon us would be much more direct, personal and specific. Astrology should help us live in harmony with the cosmos. Astrologer have the sacred responsibility of interpreting the cosmic message for others so that they may also live in harmony with the cosmos. Thus, the actual nature and behavior of the Cosmos, is fundamental to our science and practice.

To Whom it should Concern

The science of Orgonomy does has the scientific tools to approach this subject in an objective, scientific fashion. In this writing I have provided a set of assumptions that can be use to set up a very specific set of experiments. It can be done. It could have been done a long time ago. But it has not been done. Thus, as an interested party, it would be nice if we can push then [just a little] in the right direction.