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Heavens and Earth

Ezequiel González

Our Heavenly Father married our Earthly Mother and she conceived and gave birth to the human race. God is our Father, Planet Earth is our Mother. But in our minds we divorced them. Instead of Heaven and Earth we think in terms of Heaven Vs Earth. The heavenly stuff we idealized as perfect while the Earthly stuff we denigrate as "sensual". Meanwhile Satan is abusing our mother, insulting our father, and slaving our offspring. Instead of retaking control of our natural habitat we destroy it, and then hope and dream about our "new" heavenly " home. But there will be no new "heavenly" home apart from the one we already have. This is our home now, and throughout eternity. Yes, indeed, there is a new Jerusalem. But this new home is not away from here. It is right here, in a different plane of existence, awaiting to materialize. The New Jerusalem will not replace the Earth; the Earth itself will become the New Jerusalem. Instead, The New Jerusalem will materialize inside this planet which will become its protective shell. When we compare the dimensions of our planet with the dimensions of the New Jerusalem we can see how big this protective shell will be.

One Spiritual and Two Physical Worlds

There is one spiritual world and one physical world we are aware off. Yet there is a second physical world coexisting with this physical world we live in. There is where the dinosaurs, vampires, werewolves, aliens [the so called extraterrestrial beings] and similar creatures come from.

Satan lives and reigns there. Yet the keys to move to and from these world are no longer in his hands. Jesus took them away from him. Now, a day will come when these doors will be opened and the inhabitants of both worlds will be able to travel back and forth. This offers great opportunities, but great dangers as well. We must be willing to face the great dangers that these creatures from the world beyond represent. Even more, we must be willing to face the devil and cast him away not only from this physical world we live in, but from the other physical world as well.

Shining In Harmony with Reality

First, we must understand that we can face and beat the devil. It is all in our minds. We were made in the image of God. Our mental power is tremendous. But we must learn to use it effectively. As we project our thoughts, whatever idea or concept is in our minds is projected outward, effectively becoming a temporary reality out there. However, if the reality we project does not correspond with the reality that already exist out there, then our energy will not act constructively, but destructively. We must avoid that. And to avoid that we must seek to find the truth, not in order to impose it upon others but to attuned ourselves to the reality that exist out there, so that our projected energy becomes a constructive force.

Overcoming Death

Second we must understand that death is not the end but just a momentary transitions from one level of existence to another. From one physical state to another, or to the spiritual state. We must not fear death. It is not the end.

At times, however, we make so many plans and establish so many material atachements that we find it hard to separate ourselves from our material possessions or society. That must change. We must live and enjoy our physical existence, there is nothing wrong with that, but we must organize our lives so that we may be ready to leave at any moment.

We Must Consider Ourselves Expendable

Thirdly, we must understand that our "lives" are expendable in the sense that none of us is indispensable. No matter how busy we are, if we have to die somebody else will continue the work we left behind. No great lost. The important thing is not to hold on to our physical existence, but to live in harmony with God and Cosmos. Is better to live one hour in harmony with God and die with peace of mind than to forsake our moral principles and live a hundred years. Remember, if we die, we will simply move to another sphere of consciousness to continue working there. But if we forsake our moral principles we will not be able to continue working, not here nor anywhere else until we repent from our moral error and return to our previous ethical values.

Truth First and Foremost

We are a source of live energy. And our moral, ethical, attitude determines if the energy we release is life affirmative or life denying. Thus, a truthful, moral person releases enormous amounts of life affirmative energy [what Whilhem Reich called Orgone], while an unmoral, unethical, untruthful person releases death energy [deadly orgone]. When a healthy creature dies it will release a large amount of orgone energy into the atmosphere. However, if that person is afraid of dying, or terrorize by it, then he or she will release deadly orgone, while if that person is at peace with him or herself, then he or she will release clean, life affirmative orgone energy.

Thus, if we are not afraid of "dying" then our death will be a blessing for the world we leave behind and a blessing for the world we enter into. There is no reason to fear "death." Death is just a transition. The important thing is to be ready to make this transition at all times: And when it comes to welcome it happily.

Satan feeds on our fears and starve on our confidence. This planet is our home, not only in the physical plane we live in, but also in the spiritual planet and even in the other physical plane where Satan reigns. We must be willing to claim all of it back. Without fear.