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Learning Hebrew

Ezequiel González

Learning the Hebrew language is important for three reasons:

1. According to the Tanach [Bible] Hebrew is the original language of mankind. Just after the flood there was one universal language but at the Tower of Babel incident mankind was spread all over the earth and a multitude of languages emerged. Before this incident there lived man named Heber. His descendants named themselves and their language after his name, calling themselves Hebrews, signifying that they spoke the language of Heber; that is, the language that was spoken before the Tower of Babel incident.

2. Hebrew is the language of the Bible including the original, yet to be found, writings of the Christian Church before the "council" mentality took over. Till then the Christian Church had been a Hebrew movement who obeyed the Torah and sought to bring it to the entire human race. Their Holly Scriptures were those recognized by the entire Jewish Community. But at the "Jerusalem Council" the disciples and Paul negotiated a compromise position that effectively rejected the Torah as outdated and proclaimed a new faith based religion. Even though the "disciples" believed in the gift of prophesy and some believers were regarded as prophets, and although it was still fresh in their minds Yeshua's public teaching that "till heavens and earth pass away not a period of comma will pass away from the Torah", there is no record of a theological analysis of the subject based on of the Torah, the prophets, or Yeshua's own teachings and no record of any prophetic message validating their conclusions. The record shows that each group presented their arguments, Jacob wrote a compromise position, proclaimed it to be "the will of the Holly Spirit" and the rest is history.

As a consequence of this decision the new movement and faith based religion catered primarily to the gentile community; must of the new converts were gentiles and the subsequent theological writings were in Greek. However, during the previous 20+ years (from the death and, according to Christian faith, resurrection of Yeshua to the Jerusalem Council), there must have been many writings and theological papers written by the 12 disciples and the many scribes, priests, and teachers of the law who had embraced the new movement. Their writings must have been in Hebrew, which was their main theological language. As the Church had been based in Jerusalem during those years, their writings are probably buried somewhere at Temple Mount. When we find them, we will get the full picture of what the true and original Christian Church was all about.

3 According to the Tanach, during the millennium, the Throne of YHVH will be at the New Temple soon to be built in the neighborhood of Jerusalem. The New City will be the seat of World Government, the Torah would be the guiding light for mankind, and the davidic monarchy will move to a YHVH apportioned land in Israel where they will have a YHVH given role to play as clearly stated in the book of Ezekiel. Presently English is the main international language because the last two world empires [the British and the American] have had English as their official language. Likewise during the millennium Hebrew will become the leading international language because The New City, where Hebrew would be spoken, will be the seat of World Government and the New Temple soon to be built nearby, will be the main religious center in the world. Theologicaly speaking the literal throne of YHVH will be there.

We should, therefore learn Hebrew in order to fully understand the true cultural and religious foundation of Western civilization, ( the Tanach) and to prepare ourselves for a prophetic future that is fast approaching.