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Restoring Mankind's Original Religion

Ezequiel González

In order for the Millennium to start mankind must reach a certain level of collective development. A few things need to be done. First, mankind must populate the whole surface of the Earth. This I think is almost done. Second, mankind must develop a coordinated world government; a kingdom of law and order all over the Earth. This, once again, is coming into being. Third, mankind must return to its original religion. Christianity must stop being a "religion" and become an accepted historical fact. Religion itself refers to the system of rituals that bind mankind to the "cosmic orgone energy continuum" [the Godhead] in both its personal and impersonal manifestations. In the prediluvial world there was a system of rituals with that same purpose. That system must be restored.

Prediluvian Religion

This original religion had two basic components:

  • a cosmic perspective

  • animal sacrifices

that need to be restored in order for the Millennium to start. Soon the Christian religion should be history: that is, the historical facts about the Godhead incarnation, life, sacrificial death and resurrection will no longer belong to the religious domain but will be study and accepted as historical facts, along with the creation of Adam and Eve, the Universal Flood, and so on.

The "new" religion and its rituals will have the twofold purpose:

  • Teach mankind to live in harmony with our cosmic life energy system (commonly known as the "solar" system).

  • Restore and maintain a healthy life energy field (orgone energy level) in our environment.

Astrological Understanding

The first goal is reached through the study of astrology and the second through animal sacrifices. Religious temples should be replaced with Astrological Observatories where the harmony of the cosmos and its cycles will become visible to all. Religious meetings and festivals will be celebrated in harmony with the cosmic cycles; being the chief ones the New Moon festival (as in the days of the Old Testament) and the festivals celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes. In this way the flow of social activities will move in harmony with the cosmos, as God intended it to be from the very beginning.

Animal Sacrifices

For this to happen, however, the level of life energy in the atmosphere must be maintained at a sufficiently high level. This will be accomplished through the ritual of animal sacrifices. When a healthy organism suddenly dies, a large amount of orgone energy is released into the atmosphere. This does not happens when the organism dies a natural death. Thus, the most efficient way to release large amounts of orgone energy into the atmosphere is by killing healthy organisms.

The Earth will eventually become a fully functional, self sustaining orgone energy source. Then the sudden death of healthy organisms will be needed no more. But till that happens the sudden death of healthy organisms is the only way we have to keep the orgone energy field at a proper level. The killing must continue. If we refuse to do it as part of a religious ritual where the energy will be released as efficiently as possible, then the lowering of the orgone energy field will force us to kill in an irrational and inefficient manner, resulting in the unnecessary slaughter of millions of animals (hunting) and humans (wars, disasters, social violence, car accidents, etc.).

Although these things happens all the time, when the orgone energy level gets too low the need to raise it becomes imperative; overpowering our rational, ethical and moral values. Subconsciously we know how sudden deaths raises the orgone energy level. As the situation becomes insupportable, our collective and subconscious actions will tend to promote the conditions under which the sudden deaths of animals and humans becomes not only probable but almost certain. The only way, then, to remove the orgonotic need for violent deaths in our society is by restoring the painful and ancient ritual of animal sacrifices.

During the Millennium the religious ritual of animal sacrifices will be fully restored; and the unwanted death of innocent humans and animals will be reduced to almost zero. However, no one will impose this upon us. We should come to this understanding by ourselves. If the apostles erred or not when they eliminated animal sacrifices is not the issue. They were living in another era with other priorities. But now new priorities have arisen. We need to prepare ourselves for the Millennium. It will not come till we are ready.

The entire universe is ruled by God given functional cosmic laws. The Millennium will start when we as a collective entity prepare ourselves to obey and follow those functional cosmic laws. Yes, it will not be easy to become part of the universal brotherhood of God loving nations, but it's about time we start preparing for it.

May your Kingdom Come

Christ goal is not to take us away. This planet is our home. We are not the ones who have to leave. Is the Devil and his followers. We should not pray "Jesus, take us away," but rather, "May your kingdom come, may your will be done in Earth as it is done in heaven."

As individuals we will eventually move to higher levels of understanding within the Godhead. But as a race, as a collective entity, this is our home. We will stay--the devil is the one who must go away.

Christianity as a religion has been a great school for mankind, trapped as she is in the collective prison of her neuroticism. Christianity has been like a hospital where you go to get well. It is, however, about time we leave the hospital. It is about time we become healthy members of the Universal Community.

Our religious rituals, therefore, must stop being the rituals of neurotically lost individuals in search of a Savior; and become the rituals of realistic individuals who understand the mechanisms of cosmic interaction and who are willing to follow healthy practices to live in harmony with God and Cosmos.

An Astrology-centered-religion with its temples built around Astrological Observatories and with the ritual of animal sacrifices is the religion of the future -- as it once was the predominant religion of the past. This time, however, we will not fall into the temptation of worshiping the created things instead of the Creator God. This time we know better. Collectively and individually we are ready to return to our original religion. Now we must have the guts to do it.

The Devil must go -- This is our home!

This planet is ours. The Devil and his followers have ruled the spiritual side of this planet for too long. We must kick them out and rule it ourselves -- in harmony with God and Cosmos. The Devil, of course, will not leave without a fight; and that fight will cause us some pain and collective agony. The question, then is, ¨are we willing to pay the price for our planet?

If you are willing, then stop dreaming about going away. This is our home. God created it for us. And even if some of us leave it temporarily (as the doctrine of the "rapture" seems to teach) within a few years those who leave will be back to rule the spiritual side of this planet. That is, after all, the purpose of the early transformation of some of us -- to create a special body of Spiritual Beings of an higher order that will rule the spiritual side of this Earth. The Devil will be around no more and the Resurrected Ones (with their new spiritual "bodies") will rule the invisible world.

But while they rule the invisible world, mankind will continue to grow and multiply in the physical world. Christianity in particular and Bible History in general, from Genesis to Apocalypse, will become the foundation of the study of History. Our civilization will then be recognized to be the results of developments which started at the Garden of Eden, not Greece. Jeremiah, by the way, will be recognize as the true historical father of Western Civilization. He never saw the fruit if his painful and devastating work, but with his message and ideas he was set "over nations and kingdoms to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, TO BUILD AND TO PLANT." And to build indeed, a whole new Western Civilization, whose growth has been unstoppable, toward the fullness of times -- the long awaited Millennial Kingdom.

Then Christianity will be history, and properly studied as such, and Astrology will no longer be a mere science or art but will become the logical foundation (along with orgonomy) of all scientific and religious thought... and animal sacrifice will become the standard religious ritual around the world.