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The New Temple on the Mount of Olives

Ezequiel González

The main prophetic event in the Bible is the return of YHVH to the Temple. The Temple is the place of contact between the Godhead and mankind. The first Temple in Jerusalem was built by Salomon and lasted till the invasion by Nabuchadnezer. Then the Babilonians took the ruling class of Judah captive to Babilon where they stayed for 70 years. During those years Ezekiel, a young priest, had several prophetic visions that he recorded in what came to be known as the Book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel was captive in Babilon and most likely died there. Yet the Jews brought his book with them when they returned to the land of Israel.

At that time, however, the Cannon of the Hebrew Scriptures had not been established, and many Jews did not feel compeled to heed Ezekiel's advice. Therefore instead of building the Temple as described by Ezekiel and on the place specified by Ezekiel, the Jews choose to rebuilt their old Temple.

Initially they built a humble temple but a few centuries later Herodes turn it into a marvelous structure. This was the Second Temple. The one that existed when Yeshua incarnated into this world. This Temple was destroyed by Titus, the Roman, when he overcame the main Jewish rebelion against Roman rule.

Since then there has been no temple in Jerusalem. Bible prophecy, however, clearly establishes that there will be a New Temple that will become the trhone of YHVH, the place where He will set the sole of his feet when He returns to rule the entire world.

Most of the details about this temple are found in the book of Ezekiel. a few others are in other books of the Tanach [the Hebrew Bible - the Old Testament of the Christian Bible]. Basically, the entire land of Israel will be divided in twelve sectors given as inheritance to the descendents of the twelve sons of Israel. A multitude of nations has come out of Israel and all of their nationals will have a place of their own in Israel.

In the middle of the land there will be a Sacred District, set aside as a kind of natural reserve where only priest and their inmmidiate families will live. In the midsts of this natural reserve the Temple will be located. Since most prophets agree that the temple will be located in Jerusalem, we may agree that this temple envision by Ezekiel will indeed be in Jerusalem.