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The Secret of the Inner Light

Ezequiel González

God is the Lord and Creator of it all. His power and authority are unlimited. If we were created according to his image then some of that unlimited power must be in us. And so it is.

Satan knows about our power; but also knows about our ignorance. Thus, his primary objective is to make us believe false concepts, to built within our minds erroneous mental structures that may prevent us from using that power and authority. The demons, in turn, seek to invade our minds in order to suck our mental power and use our spiritual authority for their own purposes. When a human being is possessed by a demon or "evil spirit" the real power is not in the demon but in the human mind. The demon, however, by controlling the human mind gain access to that power. The secret of our success resides in realizing that the spiritual power is in us and is our. As creatures made in the image and likeness of the Godhead we have the right to use that power in harmony with God and Cosmos.

How to Defend Ourselves

The demons are spiritual entities who lack that power. That's why they seek to enter our bodies. Because we have the power. But along with that power comes the right and responsibility to use it for good. God has given us three primary tools for its proper use:

  • Common Sense: God has given us common sense and expects us to use it. A wise person honors God and acts with common sense.

  • The historical revelation contained in the Bible: God reveals himself to us throughout Bible History. If we want to know who is God and how he thinks we should read the pages of the Bible.

  • The Divine Law written in the Heavens: The science of Astrology arises out of a systematic study of the heavens, its cycles and its effects upon the development of the self-conscious-identity of mankind. This study, when properly done, is a blessing. As king David said in Psalm 19: "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple."

Pitfalls we Must Avoid

As far as the demons is concern, we ought not to worry. From the outside they can do very little, and they can't get inside our minds without our consent. Thus, we should be careful not to let them in. This might happen:

  • If we continuously act in a way we know is wrong, thus, identifying ourselves with evil and evil forces.

  • If we invite spiritual entities to come inside our minds and use us as interfaces or mediums to communicate with and influence the physical world.

When a human being dies her soul have two choices. Either it will move upward toward the heavens or be pull by the gravitational field toward the center of the Earth. There is no other way to go. The gravitational force is a universal force affecting both the physical and the spiritual worlds, binding them together into a unified reality. Thus, it is an impossibility for the soul of a dead individual to stay around, unless it becomes and "evil spirit" feeding on the spiritual and mental strength of those who seek to communicate with it. This draining of our spiritual energy prevent us from growing and reaching our individual and collective goals.
Yes, there are occasions when spiritual entities coming from higher levels of consciousness do communicate with us. However, that does not happen everyday. Those who open their minds, clear them of all conscious thoughts and invite whosoever so desire to enter, are risking their lives and sanity.

We have the spiritual power the demons would like to get. It is our responsibility to protect it. But even more is our duty to use it for good. Never should we use it with evil purposes. If we choose to, we may do so, but the price will be huge and will have to be paid sooner or latter. No one likes to absorb negative energy. Thus, when somebody projects negative energy against us our natural reaction is to close our energy field preventing that negative energy from affecting us. The negative energy will rebound and return to whosoever sent it against us. Since that energy is attuned to that person psychic frequency, it will easily get back inside her. As a result, the evil force that person sent against us would eventually return to her. Of course, the same thing would happen if we project negative thoughts against others. [See endnote].

Magic Rituals, Chants and Repetitive Prayers

To harbor evil thoughts is no good. The power God has given us should be use for good. And to use that power is not that hard. Behind all the mystic rituals and conceptual frameworks fomented by magicians and theologians all over the world there lies a simple algorithm or procedure to ignite and focus that inner spiritual power effectively.

For example, suppose I tell you that in order to solve a given problem you must:

  1. Go the beach at midnight and swing for three minutes.

  2. Then go to a lake at noon and swing for another three minutes.

  3. Then for the next 30 days get up at three a.m., take a shower and go back to bed. And finally,

  4. Fast for three days without bread or water.

In reality, all I am doing is helping you to generate and focus your own mental energy. If a ritual like this works is not because the ritual has any real magic but because the person who practices it is able to generate enough energy and focuses it effectively enough to accomplish its purpose.

Chants or written prayers (like those used in Catholicism and other religions) when they work, do so for a similar reason. A chant or written prayer is a sentence or short paragraph that when repeated over and over again creates a concise and specific mental image and infuses it with power. This strong and powerful mental image, when projected outward influence others into doing what the sender wants them to do.

Right now you may design your own chants and magic rituals. Just put down in writing a short paragraph describing what you want to happen and describe a series of specific acts you would perform in a given sequence to help you focus your mental energy toward the fulfillment of your goal. There is, however, a better way.

The use of chants and rituals may bring you dangerously close to spiritual entities who as usual would seek to get inside your mind to feed on your mental energy. If that were to happen you may end up the looser. As they feed on the mental energy, spiritual entities not only lower their host's mental energy level, but may also cause direct physical damage to the brain. Insanity may become the inevitable consequence.

Understanding the Source of Our Power

Instead of that indirect and dangerous path of chants and rituals, we should seek to understand what our mental energy is all about so that we may use it directly. In its ultimate reality our mental energy is pure spiritual energy and in order to use it directly we must learn to live in harmony with the natural laws governing spiritual reality.

The basic concept at stake here is the idea that the physical, the spiritual and even the Godhead itself are interwoven realities in a continuous state of flux and transformation. The spiritual and physical realities emanate as differentiated manifestations of the Godhead, but will eventually blend together as they flow back into the Godhead. Thus, as a blended manifestations of physical matter and spiritual essence the next major step in our evolutionary cycle is the Godhead itself. To use our spiritual power in a manner contrary to this natural flow is dangerous and extremely detrimental to our long term development. This does not means that we cannot use our spiritual power to attain "material" objectives, but those "material" objectives must be in harmony with spiritual goals and principles. Otherwise the energy itself would become stagnant and corrupted. All kinds of ailments, both physical and social, may follow.

Truthfulness First and Last

Thus, the first requirement to use our spiritual energy effectively is to use it for wholesome, life affirmative purposes. The second requirement is to be truthful. At the deeper spiritual level our minds are aware of all external reality and reality is not a subjective phenomenon. Reality is what it is, independently of what we may think or choose to think about it. Thus, if your mental image of reality do not correspond with external reality then your spirit will face a continuous contradiction and conflict between two realities: one based on what is actually out there and the other based on what the person believes is there.

If you, for example, choose to believe that Jesus never was, but the actual historical fact is that he actually was, then your mental image of reality would be distorted. And considering the tremendous importance of Jesus as a historical figure, that tremendous distortion will most likely limit your mental power a whole lot!

In Search of Truth

Given, however, the many historical theories and worldviews we find every day ¨how can we choose the true ones? The technique of the Inner Light may help us to do so:

By using this technique, we approach the ultimate reality and once there continue to grow and renew our understanding in harmony with the cosmos as a wholesome system based on objective truth, not man made fantasies.

This, I hasten to say is not an immediate instantaneous effect, but a continuous process of renewal and rebirth of the understanding where, in order to reach new levels of understanding, we must be willing to grow into them step by step. Of course, the very first step is a radical one. We must be willing to leave behind the ego centered worldview prevalent in the secular materialistic society and adopt a new Integrated worldview where everything is interrelated and interdependent.

The technique of the inner light is formulated within this ideological worldview. In order for it to be effective and safe the practitioner should first accept and embrace this Integrated Worldview. Otherwise the inner light technique may result as dangerous as any other tool that is improperly used.

Assuming, then, that you have embraced an Integrated Worldview where you see yourself as a "differentiated element in the Creation Cycle, longing for the Godhead," then the following exercise would greatly help you in your spiritual search:

The Technique of the Inner Light

Start by moving to a quite place where you shall not be interrupted at least for a few minutes. Sit or lay comfortably. Close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Visualize then how a point of light arises in your mind about the center of your head. See how this point grows and grows till it fills first the head and then the entire body. See it as it expands beyond your body filling your surrounding with its shining strength. Feel it as it keeps growing expanding far beyond your surroundings till it encompasses the entire town, nation, hemisphere, planet, and cosmic system.

Visualize our entire cosmic system as part of yourself: Feel the life energy streams that move in the cosmos and see how the tiny cosmic dots we called planets are carried by these currents. Identify yourself with these Cosmic Life Energy Streams. Enjoy their strength and nourish on their vitality. Let this cosmic light flow through you cleaning you of every dark, egocentric drive. Remember that the Godhead is not a mere impersonal force; He also wishes to manifest himself personally to you. Thus feel free to talk to Him, to be with Him, to become part of Him. Identify yourself with the Godhead and enjoy your regained divinity!

Review then your life, goals, values and objectives. Note those who seem to be at odds with your new reality. Modify, change or discard them altogether. Focus on those you feel to be in harmony with the cosmos. Long for their fulfillment. Perceive yourself as an integral part of the Godhead and consciously subordinate your "personal" goals, values and objectives to those of the Cosmos.

Having, thus, renewed your cosmic connection and divine identity, return your consciousness to your present physical reality. Return to the body without leaving the heavens...

A New Reality-Oriented WorldView

As you practice this technique in a regular basis you will notice that your goals, objectives and values will change. That's normal. Limited as we are to a physical worldview we sometimes set for ourselves goals and objectives that have no transcendental value whatsoever. Thus, as we come in contact with the transcendental reality is normal that many of those materialistic goals will be perceive as irrelevant.

On the other hand, you will certainly find new goals, and pleasures arising in your life. Enjoy them!

The biggest change, however, to come into your life is one of viewpoint. Your initial desire to replace the secular ego-centered worldview with an Integrated Worldview brings with it a whole new panorama. As we said earlier, reality is not subjective, but an objective fact. Thus, as we choose to become an integral part of the cosmos, we all become integrated into one and the same cosmic reality. This causes our own individual worldview to be transform and replace with a new reality oriented worldview that allows us to life and function in harmony with the cosmos and the other members of our society.

Learning to Grow Step by Step

This process, however, does takes its time. Erroneous as it may be, our present totality of ideas, concepts and believes is the framework that gives structure and consistency to our whole mental structure. If we were to replace it instantaneously, our whole mental structure would collapse. Insanity would be inevitable.

Thus, any transformation of our way of thinking must come slowly, one step at a time. If we are consistent in our desire to integrate ourselves to the Cosmos, however, and if we continue to practice the correct mental exercises [like the technique of the inner light], then this process of inner transformation will eventually bring about a complete transformation of our inner understanding. God Bless You.

Endnote /p>

Some people are able indeed to project negative thoughts upon others, and, apparently, get what they wanted out of them. This happens because some people are mentally weak. Thus, they will be unable or at times unwilling to close their energy fields on time to reject those negative vibrations. We must remember, however, that our temporary sojourn on the physical world is but a small yet important part of our entire Divine cycle. We may get away with murder for the time being, but sooner or latter we'll have to pay our dues. Thus, even if we could get away with murder we better not o it. It's not worth the price we'll eventually have to pay.

Besides, once you start living in harmony with the cosmos the very idea of hurting someone else or even acting egocentricaly would be alien to you. It would go against your nature.