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The Theory of Incarnation

Ezequiel González

Human beings are angels who incarnate as a normal step in their process of inner development and growth. The Godhead is emanating spiritual entities continually. Once they "come out" of the Godhead these entities start a never ending process of growth. Eventually they'll rejoin the Godhead becoming God once more. During their initial spiritual phase they are able to grow up to a certain limit; but their low energy level, the lack of stability and their inability to perceive the physical world in all its beauty and strength curtails their grow. Thus they find themselves in dare need to incarnate.

However, as they incarnate they risk to start a never ending process of spiritual shrinking and decay. This is, after all, what the concept of hell is all about, a never ending journey toward nothing. Those who choose to grow will eventually become God; those who choose not to grow will eventually become nothing.

If you, for example, choose to become half of what you are now, and then half of that, and then half of that, ¨will you eventually become absolutely nothing? or will you just keep getting smaller and smaller for ever and ever. On the other hand, if you choose to continue to grow so that in a given period of time you become twice what you are now, and then twice that, and then twice that, ¨will you ever become an Infinite Self Conscious Intelligent Being; that is, God? or will you just keep growing and growing and growing.

I guest that the answer to those questions will eventually be found in the Science of Mathematics [Calculus] for it deals precisely with those kinds of concepts. But if it took humans over two thousands years to develop the elementary concepts of Limits, derivatives, integrals etc., I imagine it will take them a lot more to come to understand the concepts of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, and how can something reach a limit [becoming God] when that limit is infinite in itself. The opposite of that, is of course to become zero, nothing, non-existent, as is the case of those who choose to shrink instead of grow.

Maybe these are spiritual concepts impossible for our limited physical brains to comprehend or remember. I guest we'll have to wait till we go beyond this physical existence to understand them. In the meanwhile, the wise thing to do is to grow, grow, and grow, not physically or materially, but spiritually, mentally, intellectually. After all, the only thing we can get out of this physical existence is our inner growth, which, after all, is what must of us came here to do.

Spiritual Guides

I just said "most of us" because not all incarnated angels are here "just to grow." Some as a matter of fact came not from a pre-physical spiritual phase but from a post-physical phase; that is, they had incarnated before and grow all that they needed to grow [during this creation cycle or during a previous one]. However, they came back because there are things that need to be taken care of. Business that need to be completed. Something has been altered in the cycle of creation and must be fixed.

The Creation Cycle

The Godhead is eternal, but it is not static. Out of the Godhead the creation is continually emanating, in a continuous and eternal cycle. Eventually the creation returns to the Creator. Even Galaxies and universes dissolve back into God. Intelligent beings, however, do not dissolve back but grow back into God; become God. For individuals this rarely happens during the physical phase of existence. Life is too short, as they used say for so much growth. It usually take them many cycles of growth to reach that level of understanding. Collective entities, however, are not limited by size, mental capacity or lifespan. They may last forever, expand all over the earth and accumulate enormous amounts of understanding. Thus, collective entities find it easier to grow into God. Mankind is one such entity, bound to become God sooner or later.

Luzbel and the Reptilians

But somebody have tried to prevent this from happening. It all started when Luzbel came to realize whom mankind as a collective entity was bound to become. He would had liked much better to see his own race of reptilians [intelligent reptiles] turning God. But the order of growth and evolution was firm and final. Mankind was bound to grow into the Godhead first. Reptilians may come latter [about this I am not sure] but humans are definitively bound to be first. Unwilling to follow that decision, Luzbel choose to boycott it. Time and time again he has interfere in human affairs. Time and time again he and his followers [angelic and reptilians alike] have incarnated or otherwise interfere in our affairs in order to lead mankind astray.

The Mission of the Spiritual Guides

Facing this challenge, the Godhead have mobilized all his forces to fulfill mankind's destiny. Michael, the archangel, and many other angels have incarnated time and time again in order to correct the wrongs committed by Luzbel and his reptilian friends. They are forced to incarnate because the Divine law of Self-determination and Non-intervention forbids them from intervening in the affairs of mankind unless they are willing to subject themselves to the limitations of physical human existence.

In a way these angels have been the true spiritual guides of mankind. But in the process of incarnating, they must leave behind their conscious knowledge and memories of their previous existence as spiritual beings and of their previous incarnations. Deep down within they do retain a certain knowledge of spiritual and transcendental truths, but it may take them an entire lifetime just to remember who they are and what they came to do. At times the organism they inhabit are so weak and ill disposed that they can't hope to remember any transcendental truth and must limit themselves to do what they intuitively feel is their duty to do.

However, at other times the organism and brain is advanced, healthy and functional enough to allow the incarnated angel to remember and use much of his spiritual understanding. Then he has the added responsibility of remembering as much as he can, and to make this understanding available so that those who need it may find it.

His primary responsibility, however, is to correct the wrongs committed by the Devil, and push mankind as hard as he can toward the fulfillment of her collective destiny. This, by the way, is an extremely delicate and dangerous thing to do. Besides the normal resentment (and retaliation) this could bring from the collective unconscious neurotic identity of the masses (what Wilhelm Reich called the emotional plague) there exist the Devil who is an expert in manipulating the tremendous psychic power of the masses; directing it against those who oppose him.

As far as the incarnated spiritual guides are concerned, the worst thing the devil can do to them is to send them back into the spiritual world. But to allow yourself to be sent back means that all the projects you have started will be postponed for at least 20 or 30 years provided that you can re-incarnate right away. To reincarnate that fast you must get the necessary authorization, complete the required procedure and find a women willing to carry your alien presence inside her for nine months (something increasingly harder to find). On top of that, the human identity you'll be born with [which is astrologically determined] might be quite different from the one you previously had.

Most likely, however, it will take you a lot longer to come back, and it will take the devil a lot less to destroy what you left behind.

Thus, all incarnated spiritual guides must hang on to their physical lives as long as possible, or at least till they find another incarnated guide inhabiting a younger, healthier and if possible better organism, who is able and willing to continue the projects the older guide has been developing.