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Ezequiel González

Theocracy is the Government by God. However, we must remember that God is the eternal, invisible, infinite spirit. Thus, Theocracy is the government by the invisible, infinite and eternal spirit. God will not impose it upon us. Rather we must ask for it. We must prepare ourselves for it. We must strive to remove all those ideologies, institutions, forms of government and the like that oppose the government by God.

Neither should we think that a Theocratic Regime represents a blending of "Church" and State or the subordination of the society to the wishes of the clergy. The duties of the clergy should be limited to:

  • perform the religious rituals [in a Judeo-Christian context those established by the law of Moses] that the society uses to interact with God and

  • preach and upheld moral/ethical conduct.

God himself is more than powerful enough to deal with the Governments. Simply spoken, the individuals and/or States would be free to do as they please, but they would be directly accountable to God for their actions. God will not use the clergy as the executioner of his will. God will act directly using the forces of nature. If anyone wants to know the direct will of God regarding any given subject there would be temples where the unequivocal presence of God would be manifested. Religious and political duties would be separated. Religious and political leaders will both be directly responsible to God for their actions.

We humans cannot establish a Theocratic Regime. God is the only one who can do that. And when he does it, it will be a clear-cut event, no doubts about it. What we can do, however, is prepare ourselves for it. Our present social system is based on greed (capitalism) or centralized human government (communism). Both of them are incompatible with a Theocratic regime. A Theocratic regime demands a society of nations where each nations is fully independent and responsible for her actions. Within that society each individual must also be fully independent and responsible. Theocracy demands that each individual and nations be directly responsible before God. Without full independence and freedom that is not possible.

Nationalistic greed leads to imperialism. From its conception at the tower of Babel, Imperialism has been in opposition to God's will. Imperialism must end. We must extirpate it from our way of thinking.

The idea that we own the planet must also come to an end. The entire creation emanates from God and eventually returns to God. Thus we are not owners of anything. We are part of it all. We must learn to live in harmony with creation. We must be able to organize ourselves and our societies in harmony with our ecosystems in particular and with the entire creation wheel in general.

The Kingdom of God [The Theocratic Regime] would be a world system where all nations would live in harmony and cooperation under the invisible guiding hand of the Eternal Spirit. God himself will establish it. But only when we prepare ourselves for it.

Thus the two essential elements of a natural theocratic regime are individual and national freedom and accountability.

Individual Freedom

Each and every individual does have a certain set of rights and obligations in relation to the society. It does not matter where he was born, and what his present political status is, each and every individual does have natural rights that must be respected by all. Thus immigration laws must be revise to acknowledge this. Also, the prime violators of human rights are international companies that establish subsidiaries on third world countries, giving their employees no rights or benefits. That must be change. There is a minimum of rights and benefits that each employers must grant each employee, no matter where they are located. And the State where that company comes from must be held responsible for it.

Universal Human Rights independently of location or political status. In order for the kingdom of God to be established Universal human Rights must be acknowledge by all. Under the Theocratic Regime the full presence of the Just and Fair God would be here. God do not tolerates injustice. If we want his full presence to be among us, them we must live according to his moral code. Otherwise his wrath will fall upon the violators. The Universal Spirit is the God of Nature. As the prophets of Israel clearly established [see Zechariah 14:17] this God of Nature will use the forces of Nature to guide, correct and punish mankind. Presently his full presence is not in this planet. Thus his direct wrath do not affect us when we violate his moral laws. But under the Theocratic Regime his full presence will be here and any violation of his moral laws would be deal directly by him.

National Freedom

In preparation for the Theocratic Regime each and every nation has the obligation to exercise her right to full independence assuming her full responsibility before God and Man. When a nation refuses to exercise that right/obligation she is leaving the door open for a bureaucratic central government to emerge and exercise the authority she is declining. God do not want Centralized Governments; it does not matter how we may call them: The United States of North America; The United States of Mexico; The European Union, The Russian Federation; The Roman Empire, The Babilonian Kingdom. It does not matter. God does not want Central Governments.

God only deals with two kinds of human institutions: Individuals and Nations. Both of them must accept and exercise their own self government assuming full responsibility for their actions before God and Men.

Nationality Defined

We all have a basic intuitive understanding of what an Individual is. After all, we are all individuals. But the concept of "Nation" needs further refining. Some people may define "Nation" and Nationality one way; others may define it differently. As it is use in this article the term Nation is define as follows:

A nation is a group of individuals that identify themselves directly and individually with a given geographic location [an specific ecosystem] that they regard as their home. The key defining expression of the nationalistic spirit is "I belong to/I am from" such and such a place. "God is our heavenly father, our homeland is our mother. I belong to my homeland, I care for her and I am willing to sacrifice myself in her behalf."

Language, culture, genetic characteristics are all secondary traits. Two individuals may speak the same language, have the same culture, even have the same ancestors and genetic characteristics [they may even be twins] but if they have chosen to established themselves in different homelands apart and separated from each other, they will have two different nationalities. One, for example, may be Cuban, the other one Texan, Mexican or Puerto Rican.

On the other hand you may have a white Anglo-Saxon born in London and a dark skinned African born in Mali, but if they both choose to establish themselves permanently in a given place, making it their homeland, then they both would have the same nationality, no ifs, buts or whys attached. Obviously, as time goes by and the descendant of both individuals intermarry and interact with their common environment, their offspring will develop certain physical and cultural characteristics that will identify them as a separate and unique people. But the initial and fundamental defining element of Nationality is the identification of the individual with the ecosystem where he or she lives.

This identification with the ecosystem may occur to just one individual, but normally human beings tend to form societies. Thus in each ecosystem where humans live, there could and should emerge a distinctive national identity. As ecosystems change rapidly from one location to another, so nations should not be large in size. Nations should not be built upon dreams, ideals, or historical accidents. Nations should have the solid, natural foundation of a common homeland for the entire community.

How Comtemporary Nations came into Existence

Unfortunately, the majority of the "nations" that exist today do not conform to this "natural" definition. They did not arise out of the natural interaction of a group of individual with their freely chosen ecosystem. Even more, the term Nation is oftentimes define as an "independent State", whether that state has a collective identity or not.

Of those "independent state" nations there are quite a few. However the majority of them arose from the breakdown of previous empires. Mankind suffers from alienation from nature and perceives it as evil and dangerous. Everything allien or remote is percieve in a similar manner. Out of this irrational fear comes a psychological need to to subordinate other nations or submit to the strongest one. As one nations gains the upper hand upon its neighbors the balance of power shifts and that nation becomes an empire.

However The central government needed to rule the empire would eventually develop its own identity and its own needs completely independent of those of the nation that created it. Thus it would turn against its own people, using them to satisfy its own irrational fears and psychological needs. When this happens the Empire would weaken, and eventually split into small "kingdoms". Although the nationalistic drives within the various nations would play a part, the basic and fundamental element in the division of the empire would be the power struggle between the former strongmen of the empire itself.

Thus, the national limits initially established would not correspond to real ecological or national boundaries but would be the result of political and military struggles among different factions. Even then, the new leaders of the emerging kingdoms would replicate the imperialistic organization of the defunct empire. Instead of having one big empire, must likely it would be replace with many small, but equally greedy and centralized "nations". Within these so called "nations" the real natural nations would still be suffering the martyrdom of imperialism.

Ultimately the only one who can determine if a given community is a nation or merely a county, city or town of a larger nation is the community itself. Thus, International Law should define Nation as a community that have develop its own collective Identity and is willing to assume its responsibility within the community of Nations. Obviously, this recognition should not be instantaneous, but when a community consistently and continuously expresses its own national identity, the International Community should recognize their right to independence and should use all non violent means at its disposal to enforce that determination.

Even before a community has achieve full independence, their national rights should be acknowledge and protected as far as possible. The emergence and development of National Identities is a dynamic and continuous process. Thus no nation can claim absolute sovereign powers upon its internal affairs, when national identity issues are at stake.

In general, all federal or central governments are at best a necessary evil while mankind moves toward full national independence of, and full cooperation among all nations. All human centers of world power must eventually fade away. The United States must not, should not and will not be one Indivisible Nation for long. Any attempt to remain so will certainly be "not under God" but in open rebellion against the naturally established will of God.

Instead of promoting "National Unity" all Federal Governments should work toward their peaceful transformation into harmonious communities of Democratic Nation States.

Our individual and collective loyalty should be toward God and homeland. The existence of Empires (no matter how they are idealistically called) is in opposition to God's will. We must work to bring all empires to an end. Once an Empire is established the key formula for its survival has always been the same: The Mark of the Beast. The empire takes away your natural God given rights and material possessions and then "grant" them back to you in exchange for loyalty.

The Mark of the Beast

The Beast of Revelation was and still is "Rome" and the Mark of the beast was and still is the "Roman Citizenship". To accept the citizenship offered by any political Empire implies a pledge of loyalty to that Empire. Each and every individual should lead a responsible life, obeying the national and international laws, and fulfilling all natural financial responsibilities toward the State. But no state should ask for a pledge of loyalty in exchange for natural rights. When John wrote Revelation the beast was the Roman Empire and the mark of the beast was Roman citizenship. Nowadays the beast has incarnated in varied imperialistic organization, and any pledge of alliance in exchange for natural rights is the mark of the beast.

There is however, religious and political imperialism. Religious imperialism is promoted by those organizations that presents themselves as the sole source of religious understanding or the "head" of the religious world. Presently the leading organization that promotes such a viewpoint is the Catholic Church and the head of their Religious Empire is non other than Rome, the same city John cursed almost 2,000 years ago [see Revelation 17 through 20: both the immediate and historical context points to Rome as the Great Harlot].

Besides Rome, however, there are many other sects [a religious group that sees himself as the sole and only true recipients of divine truth] that promote a similar viewpoint. One thing is to have religious convictions and to argue in defense of those convictions and another entirely different thing is to promote oneself as the Divinely appointed head of the Religious World. The first thing is acceptable as long as we respect the right of others to have their own convictions, the second, however, is religious imperialism and should be done away with.

Political Imperialism emerges when a given central or federal goverment is given the authority to overrule the democratic decitions of local governments. In those cases the actual sovereignty resides in the federal government. Obviously, no Federal Government would be able to do that for any lenght of time without the tacit aproval of the residents of the local state. To gain their support, or subordination the federal government uses two things:

  • Military force to impose its will

  • The mark of the beast

Military force could only be use under very specific conditions, but the Mark of the Beast is such a versatile tool that it has become, since the days of Rome, the backbone of political imperialism. Federal citizenship is the Mark of the beast. The local Nation-State government is a natural institution and its citizenship is basically a certification by the State that the individual is a law abiding and responsible member of the community and as such deserves the protection of the State when travelling abroad. Federal citizenship, on the other hand, is a carta blanca to settle in any state under the federal juristdiction that the federal government grants to those who sware him loyalty.

Local State Citizenship is natural, good, useful and desirable. Federal Citizenship, on the other hand, diminishes the authority of the local government while upholding the imperialistic claims of the Federal System. Thus in order to fight political imperialism we should upheld and promote our own nationality based on the specific ecosystem and society where we live, use and develop the citizenship granted by our own local governments, discard any "Federal" Citizenship and if humanly possible resign it altogether: formally, legally and finally. It does not matter where you live, by holding on to these principles and acting accordingly, you will be fighting Political Imperialism.

Challenging, however, the two most powerful Imperialistic Systems in the world is not something to be taken lightly or to be done unwisely. These systems are powerfull. There cannot be any doubt about our final victory, but we must fight wisely. Hate must be discarded. Violence must be discarded. Untruthfulness must be discarded. This way we will force the system to fight our ideas with their ideas, our concepts with their concepts, our principles with their principles. Under these conditions the superiority of our worldview would become clear to all.

Our Goals should be...

Our goals are the full national independence of all present Nations and the establishment of a clear cut procedure that will guarantee the timely Independence of all nations that may emerge and develop in the future. Likewise religious Imperialism must come to an end. Rome must come to an end, and the curse that John place upon it almost 2000 years ago must be fulfilled. And not only Rome but any and every human attempt to centralized religious control must be terminated. Religion should be organize at the national level following the model God gave the Hebrews. That original God given religious system never came to an end. It is as valid today as it was at Sinai. "Till heavens and Earth passed away", God's greatest prophet once said, "nor a period neither a coma of the law will be invalidated.

Yeshua emanated from God and came to us with the message of the Kingdom. We rejected the message, crucified the messenger and then develop a "salvation Theology" to cover our guilty consciences. Is about time we truly come to believe in Yeshua; that is, we must accept the message he preached: the Theocratic System of Government. We must prepare ourselves to live side by side with God in harmony with his moral code of conduct.

Human rights, national freedom, responsible moral conduct, the end of Imperialism. Once we accept and integrate these principles into our way of thinking we would be ready to be ruled by an invisible, eternal, all powerful, fair and just God. Otherwise, his presence in our midst would only bring judgment and wrath. Any moral being, personally aware of all the injustice done day by day in our world would not tolerate it. Thus, the presence of God departed in order not to destroy us. If we want his presence to return, we must raise ourselves to his level of moral behavior. Only then, would we be ready for his kingdom.

Finally, even if you don't believe in the existence of God, or your religious convictions differs from mine, I would invite you to join the fight for Universal Human Rights, full Political Independance for all nations, individual accountability and moral conduct and the end of Imperialism in all its manifestations. The achievement of these goals would make this world a better place to live. Our struggle is not to imposse these concepts through legal, political or military means but to propagate them through our words and, more importantly, our deeds renouncing all the benefits that violation of human rights, colonialism, unethical behaviour or centralized governments may grant us. Those benefits are temporary, we can live without them. But final and true universal justice will not come till we remove all those obstacles from our path.

Renouncing the benefits that social injustice may grant us will clear our individual and collective vision to see beyond our inmediate reality. With no strings atached we will move much faster toward our goals. God Bless You.