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The Seven Rays of Development

as given by VITVAN


1 - Will; 2 - Activity; 3 - Love

We begin this series of lessons with the description of what are called the seven rays of development. The seven rays of development stem from the Logos, the only begotten Son in whom all power, all light, all existences center. It is symbolized by Solomon's Seal, a dual triangle. The Logos represents a dual triad. The triad, the triangle with the apex pointing up, represents the positive power united with the negative substance, held together by the binding force.

Those students who are keeping abreast with the development of modern physics should watch this, because the modern physicists' research now is dealing with the release of the binding power of the atom. In this we have a perfect analogy of the triad of the Logos. The constituents of the atom are the positive nucleus (protons) surrounded by negative electrons. But those protons and those electrons would not be held together, there would be no atom, without the holding force--the binding power--the neutron, or what they are now calling the meson. Physicists are working on the release of that holding force which will exceed the release of energy of the hydrogen bomb (or hydrogen fusion) infinitely beyond what the hydrogen fusion exceeded in splitting the nucleus of the atom.

The first release of the excess energy of the atom was through fission, the splitting of the nucleus of the atom. The second development was the excess amount of energy left over which came about through fusion of the hydrogen atoms making helium. The scientists are now working on the third principle, the release of the binding force of the proton and the electron. Let us use this as an analogy with which to gear our understanding to a higher level.

There is a power at the center of any so-called thing, and this constitutes the basis of all existences from atom to galaxy and 'beyond' on other levels. Think of this: there is a power operative in the world and in everything in it. We call it the power of equilibrium. The Masonic Order stresses the power of equilibrium. We can call it the power of balance, because nothing can swing too far one way or the other because there is a power that pulls it back into balance with its opposite. That is the basis of Plato's dialectical determinism; a thesis creates an antithesis; the union of thesis and antithesis creates a synthesis; the synthesis becomes a new thesis which creates another antithesis, that ultimately comes into a new synthesis.

The great mistake that Karl Marx made was when he took Plato's original dialectical determinism and identified it with specific phenomena and made capitalism the thesis, labor the antithesis and then postulated the synthesis, the dictatorship of the proletariat; it was the identification of capital, labor and the proletariat that was his grievous error, the terrible mistake that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. But here we are dealing right at the heart of that which has been sensed, perceived or perhaps understood by a few great ones like Plato; but Plato never made the mistake of identifying the power with anything. There is a force, a power in everything that exists, but it must not be identified with anything in which it exits.

When we deal with this higher triad, symbolized by a triangle with the apex pointing up, do not think of something away 'out' or 'up'; think of something deep 'within.' Recondition thinking. There is nothing 'out there' except pictures in our own psyches and that which is in our psyches looks 'out there'; just looks 'out there.' "Why stand ye gazing?" It is within you; within me; within the atom; within the molecule; within what we call the flower. We must not think 'high up'; when we think 'deep in' we are on the right track.

Let us return and think of a triangle with the apex pointing up; for in Solomon's Seal that triangle represents the positive power of the whole universe united with the substance (matter, Mater, Mother) held together by a binding power.

A triangle with the apex pointing down represents the combinations of those first three, making for all existences and qualities, gunas, incorporated therein:

The first three are called Will, Activity and Love. Activity: that which is set up in the mother substance by unity with the positive power. This can be described in terms of waves and frequencies, activity of the mother substance--"of," not "in" the mother substance. Here is where our modern physicists are now working, even our electronic engineers; they are working with waves-frequencies of that terrific activity.

As we study the unfoldment of all this within our respective selves we call it refining and purifying our thought waves-frequencies, our feeling waves-frequencies; so that we may have a beneficial and a constructive effect upon everything that we touch--the waves-frequencies that we touch--and we do touch. We want to bring this right down to where we function and not go off in the stratosphere, because this is what we work at day by day, hour by hour; we work at it. Understanding this background is a tremendous advantage; we know what we are working toward and are not groping in the dark or floundering around under the influences of waves-frequencies that we can neither prevent the registry of nor control.

A triangle with the apex pointing down represents the blending of the first three rays in various combinations. Why seven rays? Why seven rays that flow forth from the Logos? It isn't arbitrary; that is, we do not establish it and say seven. Why not nine, eight or five? No, there are seven and that is the way it is. Why isn't it arbitrary? Because we don't do it, we discover it. In the Logos the other three rays are combined and recombined and that makes four more. (See diagram on next page.)

As we go through this we must keep mentally alert. Number 2, Activity, plus number 1, Will, equals 3, but it is fourth in the order of outpourings. Let our minds go to the creating power--Will. Let us consider the combinations and the forces and qualities which they represent. 2 + 1 = 3, but in the rays as they come forth, 2 + 1 represents 4 in order of the gunas, in the order of the combinations of qualities. This is a school; this is classwork. So long as we are able to function as a school we are going to continue these drills until we realize that this is the way we function; not the way we think we function, but the way we actually function, every one of us.

2 + 1 is the 4th stream in the order of outpouring of force from the Logos, and is an aspect of that triad symbolized by the triangle with the apex pointing down; 4 equates with what is called science; rigorous, orderly procedure--so rigorous in the creating process that the only label we have for it is science. We do not mean science in any loose or ordinary sense; we mean science characterized as rigorous, implacable, unvarying--the hand that writes and once written all the grief and tears cannot touch it. In the old Aristotelian language this combination of 2 + 1 was called the "Law," the law of God, the law of nature, the law of Moses, and the old dispensation was based upon the law. We will see how it works out, even down to the Many, where without law there is chaos. When we work our consciousness into it, we will see that the foundation of our government in this blessed U.S.A. is based upon this: the Executive, the Legislative, the Supreme Court--the law. The very foundation of our government is the Rock, "I build my church upon the Rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." The triune structure of our government has this same foundation, because our forefathers had penetrating understanding of this foundation.

I will tell you an incident that grieved me sorely. When the new country and new government of Israel was established in the Middle East, David Ben Gurion, one of the fourth degree initiates on earth, put into the constitution that "This is founded upon the Rock." He had a very worthy secretary, a woman of great learning and understanding, but she was apprehensive that the

world--meaning the uncultured and undeveloped masses of people--would not understand that word "Rock" and persuaded Ben Gurion to change it and substitute the word God. When I read that for the first time, I was deeply grieved that he had changed it. He should have left it right there--that the constitution for the government of Israel was founded upon the Rock, the supreme height, the Supreme Triad. Our form of government is based upon that triad, that Rock--and it was understandingly based upon the Rock.

3 + 1: Harmony. Let us now think of force, of power, etc., the guna or quality of force, in order to understand the description of the seven rays. 3 + 1 = 4, but it is 5th in the order of outpourings. The 3rd ray, Love, plus the 1st, Will, is the 5th in the order of outpourings of force from the Central Sun of all Existences, the Logos, the Father in Heaven, Saguna Brahma. Harmony, the 5th ray, is the harmonic force in the universe. Harmony is one of the most powerful forces of cosmos, and we will see how it works out and eventuates in manifestation.

3 + 2 = 5, but is the 6th outpouring of force from the Central Sun. We label it Devotion because long before understanding of this cosmic process dawns upon us, we have welling up within us a power, a force of devotion to It and to the representations of our state of consciousness which symbolizes It. Devotion is a force within us that we already have and that force stems right back into the ray flowing forth from the Logos, the stream of force in waves-frequencies that we break into and register which motivates us.

The third combination is 1 + 2 + 3: 6, but 7th in the order of outpouring. We call it the Ceremonial ray. We haven't gone too far in description of these rays yet, and the effect which they produce upon us, by reason of the fact that we want to describe that part of Soloman's Seal which symbolizes the Logos, the triangle with the apex pointing down or out (in creativity).

We have one more point to note about Solomon's Seal. Let us convert the verb "being" into a noun: be-ing-ness. If there is no such word we will make one. It is such a distinct

consciousness of I-am-I; That, That I am; Be-ing-ness; "That is my name throughout all generations." So the true way to describe Solomon's Seal and to think of it would be to feel within our very heart and core, deep within, so deep that we could say: "I am. What am I? I am just That, that I am." And That passes outside and 'beyond' individualization or personalization or personification. By this description we are approaching what we mean by the word Logos, the Word, "The Word made flesh," because each and everyone of us ultimately, eventually, will be That. We could say this another way: essentially, intrinsically, we are That now and the only thing that remains is to expand our consciousness to the point where we are aware of being that. So, in our school work when the word Logos is used we should widen our consciousness and get some glimmer of the meaning.

Let us try by analogy to understand the seven outpourings, the seven rays; because we have to work our understanding into the inner meaning of force, or Power, of frequencies that we can't see, touch or bite, but which motivate everything that is. We have to work our understanding into it by using analogy. As we attempt to describe the effect that these outpourings called rays produce upon us respectively let us try, out of that description of the effect, to work our consciousness back into the feel of power, the force side of it.

Let us start with #1, Will. Remember, essentially it has been described as the creating power, the greatest force in the atom, the galaxy or in you or me. When that wave-frequency called Will is contacted, and when we have developed sufficiently to open our consciousness to it, it isn't human determination; it isn't bowing our necks and strutting, sticking our chins out, throwing our weight around; that is camouflage of Will. Will is such a quiet knowing, of such immovability. As Paul would say: "Heights nor depths nor principalities nor powers...can deter us from the love we have in Christ Jesus our Lord"--the Logos made flesh. The Will is quiet, it is still; it is immovable and unmoving, but it moves everything by its force, by its power, by its silent Self. How can we practice understanding it? Out in a terrible storm when we try to sense the power, we get a little

inkling of Will. There is a substituted reflection on the lower psychic world of that Will power or Will force; it is labeled determination. We must set our course, determine to pursue it; be immovable, implacable, never be deterred; hold steady and though all of the evil imps of hell tempt us, all we do is often say--"get something in your backbone; it must be jelly. Get a rod in your backbone that will hold you up!" We are talking about the reflection of Will.

As we work our consciousness into that Will and it comes in, as a motivating force, then we have something that will do everything for us and we no longer have to do anything for ourselves. Even the weight of the physical body is carried by it; sometimes so much so that we don't feel our own weight; sometimes we feel that we could levitate; and we are told that some reach such a degree of reception of it that they do levitate. Do you believe that? I do believe it; that if one reaches a point of reception of that force called Will he no longer has any weight, that he can levitate.

One point remains before we leave #1. In India they call this power Kundalini; the Hebrews called it Kether, the power of equilibrium; we call it Will. In India, they call it Shakti. When we read Aurobindo Ghose we find that he gave complete, whole-hearted obeisance to it. Aurobindo says in his work over and over again, "Get Shakti." Substitute the word Will for Shakti. First, last and in the middle, get Shakti and she will do everything else; we won't have to do anything any more but stand in Shakti, in Will.

How do we get Shakti? Shakti equates with fire as higher manas equates with air and as the psychic nature equates with water and the configuration (physical body) equates with earth. The point here is fire. Turn to the symbolism of the New Testament, John the Baptist, the Hierophant at the initiation of the baptism by water..." as we are buried in the psychic forces, so we are resurrected"; lifted up out of the psychic world; that is the baptism by water. After the baptism by water, John, the Hierophant, said, "There is one who cometh after me who is greater than I. When he comes he will baptize thee with fire and spirit."

Equate that baptism with fire with the "Word made flesh"; equate that with Shakti; equate that with Will. Blend those words and get the meaning behind them.

How does one get it? There are seven centers in the whole Mind-psychic-configurational man--the house that has three stories. These seven centers are the points of egress of the seven rays, streams from the Central Sun in the somatic divisions of man. So, the way to get Shakti, the way to open up and allow that power called fire or Will, to come in and motivate us and take over, is to lift the forces out of the psychic nature, by directing the force out of the five centers that motivate the five levels of the psychic nature. No one can awaken Will, Shakti, until after he has lifted the force out of the five centers that motivates the psychic nature. He would get into all sorts of psychiatric situations if any trickle of fire awakened before the psychic nature has been purified--madness in the extreme, violence in the extreme occurs, because all the qualities remaining in the psyche are accentuated thousands of times, if that greater power enters and motivates it. The first work is to get the forces out of the five centers which govern and motivate the psychic nature. All of our feelings, human love, thinking--these are the activities of the psyche. When this has been accomplished, and its accomplishment is not a formidable thing, we can get our forces up and out. Then one starts to activate the sacral center--the positive pole of the three-story house, of the pneumatic ovum, the cosmic egg, that is, of the individualized field on Mind level. This is the positive pole of that field, and the power which is latent in or comes through that center, will be awakened. That power is Shakti. That power, fire, represents all that we mean by Will.

Get Shakti, get Will, get the Power; it will work and do everything for us and we don't have to do anything any more by human effort. When that superior power enters, it will work through us and for us, and this is how to do it.

Here on the level upon which we live, our consciousness is so filled to overflowing with recondite affairs, so filled to overflowing with concerns about this or that thing or person or place; our consciousness is so full of cares of our own creating, that we haven't any referent, we haven't any experience, to cause us to put forth the effort to get Shakti. It is alleged that a great one said, "If you only knew that there were priceless pearls or treasures buried in your garden you would diligently dig and dig and dig up that garden. There would be an eclipse of the sun with dust!" The whole point is if one only knew of the buried treasure, how diligently he would dig until he got it. This is the "pearl of great price," and yet, do we dig? We are too busy. Check back how busy you were ten years ago. What did you get? Did you get anything else but a lot of headaches and a lot of misery? If we are so busy we can't dig, can't work, what are we going to get this next ten years?

There it has been and there it always will be.

(To be continued)




We, respectively, label the third primary of the seven rays of development - the love ray. There are three primary rays and four secondary rays. The three primaries represent the three aspects of the highest triad -- positive power, negative substance and conciliator (this conciliator is sometimes called the law of equilibrium, the binding power, etc.) and the four secondaries represent the blending of the first three primaries. In our Christian Bible these seven rays are called the seven powers or the seven angels before the throne. These rays of development also represent the flowing forth of powers synthesized in the Logos, the only begotten son. In the Eastern Tradition the Logos, the only begotten son is called Saguna Brahma. We borrow these words from the Sanskrit; but students of the School of the Natural Order should remember that these words are anglicized; we find them in most dictionaries and many of them are incorporated in the English language. Saguna Brahma: Sa is like the German word, ja, yes. (There are over two thousand Sanskrit roots in the German language. In the English we have more Latin roots; but in the German there are more Sanskrit.) The word guna corresponds to our English word - quality--and represents the same meaning. Therefore, Saguna: Yes-guna or qualities; i.e., having qualities; and the word Brahma: the Lord; our English word - God. A concept of a God characterized by qualities. Therefore, there are qualities in the outpouring of force, in the flowing-forth of light-energy; more particularly speaking, these streams of light-energy are characterized by qualities--gunas.

Nirguna Brahma: Nir is like the German nein, no gunas, "God having no gunas." When we read, "No man hath seen God at any time"--no guna. "No man hath seen God at any time, only the Son hath declared him"--the reason for not being able to see Him lies in the absence of gunas. Let us put this right down on an everyday functional level. If we will analyze how we know anything, any one 'thing,' it is by relationship and comparison with other 'things'; and these other 'things' are known only by relationship and comparison. We know what is called a chair because we know what is


called stool, bench, or other 'things' designated as something to sit down on. It is a relationship and comparison that gives the concept or meaning which the word chair represents. The more common everyday 'things' that we think we know, we know only by reason of large experience with other similar 'things.' references, etc.; i.e., our psychic reference file. It is by relationship and comparison with entities in the reference file that a given 'thing' is known; that is, we become conscious of it, or conscious of it in its particulars.

Stepping this up to the guna level, the qualities: we know 'high' and 'low,' 'good' and 'bad,' 'vice' and 'virtue,' etc., and the grades and degrees between by relationship and comparison, in the experiencing of the qualities, with qualities stored in our psychic-consciousness. Then, it is by reason of the relationship and comparison of the gunas, qualities, of past experiences with the new experiences that gives us relative knowledge and that we call knowing a given condition, state, content of consciousness of a person, etc.. So, Sa--yes, and guna, the Knowing One.

Now the flowing forth, the outpouring: let us compare this flowing forth or outpouring with a broadcast station. Here are waves-frequencies, energy flowing forth, pouring out. The qualities will be determined by the qualities cultivated in the past and stored in the psychic-consciousness; it might be African tom-tom; it might be an aesthetically conceived opera aria or other musical rendition. In quality it could be 'low' or it might be 'high,' If we tune on a radio again and get an outpouring where the qualities loaded on to the wave-frequency is disturbing, we have a referent in psychic consciousness relative to that experience. One must actually have the experience, lots of experience, in order to know 'high' or 'low,' 'vice' or virtue,' 'good' or 'evil,' or what have you. Desirable or not desirable, pleasant and lovely or degraded--as reaction to the guna, quality, loaded on to these energy-waves. We must get the relationship to a priori experience for that gives us consciousness of what we know at a given moment; without that we would not know the qualities.

This outpouring of force, light-energy, can be divided into three primaries, representing the Higher Triad in or as Saguna Brahma; but Nirguna Brahma, a label for the Higher Triad, cannot


be known within any manifold (frame of measurement, evaluation, etc.) having space and time, or space-time coordinates. No man has seen that which hasn't any gunas but IS at any time in a timelessness state. Only the Son pours it out, "declares Him." It goes back to what we have referred to in other lessons: "Moses heard the voice from a burning bush." Any configuration seen in its light-energy aspect represents a "burning bush", and the voice that accompanied what Moses saw, spoke to him and in answer Moses said: "What is it? Who is it that speaks?" And the answer came: "I Am," not any 'thing,' just "I Am That I Am." It was a powerful way of describing it. The word "That" is a pronominal word partaking of the qualities, gunas, of a pronoun and a noun, and is the only type of language that could be used. Any word describing or relative to the gunas, which makes us conscious, anything that could be said, it isn't. Yet, it IS. It is the 'highest,' 'deepest' knowing in timeless silence. And in the old rabbinical lore when Scriptures were read and they came across the sign for It, or That, they remained silent and never would they try to speak. They wanted to know and not to think; let alone thinking or speaking about "That." So as we climb the ladder which surmounts our doubt and get 'up' to the point where these are powers and forces in our consciousness, we will do the same. We will just be still and know; but we will never know by thinking or talking about It.

In the years during which I have been trying to get this over I have found that the nearest analogy that we can find to help us grasp the meaning which the word "guna" represents is to turn to color. We are familiar with color and it comes the nearest, in the world of analogy, to standing up to that which it symbolizes or represents. So now, let us run through some of the qualities in the meaning for which color stands in order that we may understand more definitely the outpouring of the seven Streams--the particular guna, quality, which each represents.

Of the three primaries - Will, Activity and Love, the binding forces (the Conciliator aspect of the Higher Triad as manifested in the Logos) was differentiated in early Grecian days by five words representing five different qualities for that which our one word "love" represents. This one word which we have is


used to describe meaning all the way from biological urges up to "God is love," and the range of gunas, qualities, between. When the word "agape" came to be translated from the Greek in the King James version of the Christian Bible, the translators would not use the word "love," as it was in such disrepute. (Today, our 'atmosphere' is being pervaded with such maudlin sentimentality until we too are sick and disgusted to the point of nausea, and the word - love - is getting into dispute again.) The Greek word "eros" was translated as love, but the translators substituted the word "charity" for agape - "faith, hope, and charity." In my Greek Testament I find "faith, hope, and love." We hear of "free love." Of course love is free! Open the heart and mind and be a channel and let it right out! The world would be transformed if we would do that!

Let us work our consciousness into the quality, the guna, which these rays represent. As in the rays themselves, the three primaries - Will, Activity and Love; so in color we have three primaries--violet (or the label mauve), green and red, let us always be careful to specify from a delicate pastel pink to a crimson; never to scarlet, mahogany or magenta in describing that guna, love.

It has been proved using colors of light that if violet, green and red are mixed white light will be produced. Mathematically, the figures representing the wave length of green fall precisely between those represented by red, or crimson, and violet. As further proof: one who has clairvoyant vision developed knows that when he sees shades of violet in the aura, or field, that the intensity of the color seen represents the degree in which the Will quality has been developed in that consciousness; that emerald green represents adaptability, an impersonal or universal quality and that pink to crimson represents love--the urge to give (not to be confused with desire--the urge to get). No pigments on earth can adequately represent these colors; they are scintillatingly beautiful, and so brilliant when seen clairvoyantly. They are similar to neon tube lights or cathode rays; they look alive, not dull and drab.

The range from delicate pink to the deeper crimson indicates one whose heart is full of love and bubbling over with it--


the mother type who goes out to all, no matter how much she may get hurt; she loves all the cats and dogs and children--just loves. That is seen in the consciousness; it is in the guna, the quality, raying out.

If a person has an inordinate amount of attractive force in his consciousness, we know that quality will be represented by emerald green in his aura. One with this quality of adaptability in his consciousness can enter a town and in two to three weeks he knows everyone and his dog. But one who lacks this quality in his consciousness can live in a town two or three years and not know his neighbors. One who does not have the quality represented by green in his consciousness should not enter politics; he will have a difficult time getting himself across. But one with this quality in his consciousness will get the votes.

If a blend is made of any two or more of the three primary Streams of force, representing the three predominant qualities, we will get every possible combination of color (equated with character of personality) of the psychic nature of human beings, and even on down to blending in the animal and mineral worlds. It is the multiplicity of combinations of blendings of the first three that gives all other possible colors, tints, shades, etc., constituent of psychic natures, personalities.

Whenever the expression "the One and the many" is used, how does the many come out of the One? First, in the coming out process the three: the conciliator, the positive power; the negative substance, manifested as the Son, Logos; which synthesizes these three as Will, Activity, Love, and who represents these three in Himself, the One on the first level of manifestation. This trinity and the outpouring of these three streams of light-energy give rise to the multiplicity out of the blending and re-blending of these three streams. So the One is both the many and the One. When we begin to see it and live in it we are 'in,' we are "in the Father's house to go out therefrom no more."

Something else: "Be all things unto all men," represents a synthesis of all qualities in one's own consciousness. One who can do that is at home anywhere, with anyone, on all levels. There is nothing else to live for but to get more and more of It. Let us trust that the word Love can be used without being misunderstood.


This primary Love ray that flows out from the Central Sun of all Existences, the Logos, when contacted, creates a powerful motivating force, urge to give without any thought of what one is going to get--even when he gets it in the neck. It one were not motivated by it he wouldn't be so vulnerable; but those who have it are completely wide open and helpless until balanced through being synthesized by acquisition of the other qualities.

This leads to another step that is difficult for beginners to understand. Death equates with love; love equates with death. The words "death" and "love" are synonyms. One cannot love unless he dies to himself. Until the old self lays down and dies he cannot love; he cannot love unless he gives himself. Have you loved to the point where you were willing to give even your life, your incarnation? There are men and women in the world who are that way. The love of country will cause one to sacrifice until there is nothing of the personal self left; one dies. This force acts just the opposite to the way love ordinarily is used; because it simply means "I want you," "I desire you," "I want what I can get out of you." But the quality of love never wants anything but to give without reservation. No one asks another to do this. This describes the ray, quality, agape--the love of the Christos, Christ our Lord, our Higher Self.

Love may also be characterized by a sagacity; a knowing, intrinsic in itself. Love doesn't have to think; love knows. Have you ever been fortunate enough to be loved by another one? You cannot tell him a false story; you can't beat around the bush. Don't try it; love knows; love has an inherent, intrinsic knowing of truth from falsehood. Read history and you will find that the power of love automatically flows to the real, to the true, to the Light; it knows. Love doesn't have to "pro and con" or reason, it just knows; because that outpouring 'has' that quality in itself; it is just clear knowing.

Love is the shepherd in the allegorical story in the New Testament. Love is symbolized by the shepherds tending the flocks, the herds, the animals in the night, in the long dark night before the blinding Light of the Christ dawns; love also guards and protects the Light. When the Light is born, love goes right to it. The Wise Men took a year to make the journey across the burning


sands to the new-born Christ. But not love; love goes right there; it is way ahead of the "Wise Men" because it knows what it knows. But don't overlook the shepherds in the dark night, the nescience, the ignorance before the Light of Christ comes into the rational consciousness. What would that state be like if it were not for Love? Love holds us together as a people; it is the only Shepherd we have in the dark night and we would be uncontrolled animals without the force and power of Love.

Because of this great Stream of Love from the Central Power of all Existences, we will find the Light more immediately than by any other way!






In this series of lessons on the seven rays of development, we have developed a description of different degrees of initiation until we reached the integration in the major streams of life force which pour out, so to speak, although the activity is a higher dimensional process than "pouring out" in a three-dimensional sense; but a pouring out from the Central Sun of all Existences is of importance to our understanding by reason of the fact that it motivates our Christian culture (and whether we ever went to church or never went to church) it is a powerful influence in our race psyche. It is a motivating force within us. That is why it is so important for us to understand this Central Sun of all Existences particularly when we are expanding the consciousness, respectively, out of the myths, out of the mythological representation of it. The mythological representation has literalized and historicalized symbolism, analogy, allegory, etc., etc.

The literalists--those in objective identification--are under a necessity to literalize and historicalize allegories and the allegorical forms of representation. That representation is a holdover from the mythological way of describing that which the Higher Ones thought the common people could not understand; therefore, they (the Higher Ones) gave them the story, allegory and myth. Today we are no longer children and do not have to be fed fairy stories; we are growing up to where we can understand the myths without repudiating them. We can incorporate them in a wider, more expanded consciousness and understanding without turning on them, repudiating or reviling them.

It is comparable to the young man or woman who matriculates and enters a university. At that university-state in his pursuit of knowledge, he doesn't turn around and revile the simple first, second and third grade states; he is very loving and tolerant about it all; even wishes he could help it without accepting the beautiful stories literally. So, here in this School (and there would be no purpose for this School unless we had reached at least the possibility of matriculating from the myths) when we


do matriculate from the allegorical, the beautiful teachings, stories and representations, we find that there is a tremendous importance to understanding this Central Sun of all Existences, the Logos, the Only Begotten Son to whom all powers are given--all; in whom the father worketh in union with the mother, where that twain functions as one, bound together with a binding power and the Trinity rays forth.

Before we continue this particular lesson (the description of the function of the ray called science), I want to clarify meaning, the way we use the word science as a label for one of the major rays of development, because otherwise I might be talking about one thing and you might be understanding another one. Let us get together regarding the meaning of that which we are going to discuss. This will be only clarification of meaning so that we understand what we are talking about.

The word "science," as a label for the fourth ray, stems from the Latin, scientia or sciente, representing a meaning called knowledge. This happens to be the present participle of the word scire--to learn, to know.

We in this School subscribe (and it is an English understatement) to what we call the palingenetic process commonly called reincarnation. But the palingenetic process is not the reincarnation of one personality into another. The process is analogous to the annual growth of a deciduous tree which cyclically puts forth its leaves and flowers and fruit and eventually sheds them and its sap goes down. Let us say it withdraws its creative forces into its field. Then next time round, the next cycle, it puts out leaves, flowers and fruit and sheds them and repeats the process annually as the tree grows in its cyclic process which is independent of the recurring cyclic process of putting forth and shedding. This is what we in the School subscribe to--that palingenetic process. In respect to you and me, what is or would be represented by the leaves and flowers and fruit? The psychic-nature, the configurational representation of our state of consciousness, the private world that we abstract therefrom; in other words, each time round in the palingenetic process we de-


velop a new personality and the personality that we develop in one cycle we shed, like the tree sheds its leaves, etc., together with the cycle which is represented by it. Next time round we will bring forth and develop another personality, we, the essential Self--we, the principle governing that cyclic process. Now, in description, we, the essential self which is putting out these personalities and shedding them, will migrate (transfer focus of consciousness) from one ray of development to another in turn until we synthesize the gunas (qualities) of the seven rays into our consciousness and can function with equal facility in one or another (and synthesize them when occasion requires). This goes round and round as we go deeper and deeper 'in' and higher and higher 'up' until they are fully developed and fully complete in our consciousness and we are equally masterful and versatile on any one or other of the seven rays of development. In describing these seven rays separately this lesson is on the ray labeled science.

Now we come back to the description of the meaning for the word science. It is the possession of knowledge in contrast with ignorance. In introducing this word knowledge we are up against another 'thing'; we have to describe what we mean by it or fuzzy thinking will result. Knowledge, as used here in contrast to ignorance, is self-awareness derived from oneness with (as in functional experience) that which might be understood, at a given time, in a given context of situation. Self-awareness derived from oneness with: let us illustrate what we are trying to give. There are many who will make a life study of that which we call a rose; such study is very specialized work. They can study it microscopically and in time learn every 'thing' about it; but an ex-slave man by the name of Carver can come along and blend his consciousness with the life-force, become one with the process and it will talk to him. Now, don't say that this is going off the deep end. He will talk to it and they will become one and he knows it--but may not know anything about it. See? So knowledge is awareness derived from oneness with whatever you take up as a subject of study. Merge with it, and as you merge with it, you and its essential nature become one, you know it and you have


knowledge. Therefore, science represents such knowledge; not information about--accumulation of 'facts'--pertaining to that under investigation, concepts derived from observation, etc., which means lower manas, epistemology.

This word knowing: one can be a walking encyclopedia of all the information and the concepts and 'facts' about this and that and yet know nothing; have no knowledge about the essence, the creative life-forces, oneness in an over-all organism-as-a-whole process of emergence out of the nescience into the Light. If I have made myself clear as to the use of the word science, we find that in the palingenetic process there comes a time round when the motivation, that by which one is intrinsically, essentially motivated--the motivation is one of avidly seeking to learn, to know. Notice these particular ones. You might be one of those who has that hunger, that drive, that avidness to know, to learn, to acquire knowledge, and it never lets you rest. In my work in the last forty-five years I have met these types and I have a label for them--"hungry cats suddenly let loose in the kingdom of mouse." When they find out that this, called Vitvan, happens to be a channel for something called knowledge, then they try to grab all the "mice" at once. I say: "Stop, take it easy, grab one and eat it before you go after the others!" When I meet one of this avid type, I know he is driven, motivated, and he can't help it, just as those on the love ray can't help but love. So, I always put on the brakes--take it easy, there is lots of time, go slow; until little by little there results assimilation, adjustment, expansion, growth.

When we understand this process in the palingenetic cyclic 'law' of synthesizing the different rays into consciousness, this particular ray of avid hunger to know, to learn, we recognize as the development of lower Buddhi. Let us go slow here and build a little background for what we mean when we say it is the process of developing lower Buddhi. In lower Buddhi (when you are in the frequencies), you will find that the frequencies affect your neural organism through the upper part of the head level, but do not identify the lower Buddhi with the neural or physiological organism. We only use it as a convenient means of identification.


This function is on higher levels. After contact is made with the Mind-level, the lower level of Light's Regions, then on this particular ray we contact the frequencies which motivate this seeking to know. What is taking place behind that which appears obvious--behind the learning, the seeking, the wanting to know? It is the development of a faculty in consciousness that we take with us and bring back again--"treasures laid up". When the personality is lost and the vehicles which represent the content of the personality are gone, we still have that faculty and have it to use on more subtle worlds and on higher levels, etc.. But the development of this faculty takes place--lower Buddhi, or rationality; and again we have to offset and develop a referent for the term rational faculty. It is the ability to recognize the relationship of that which is known with that which is at present perceived, and one with the faculty of lower Buddhi developed can say: "It is true; it is false." Not because of your opinion or my opinion; it is true or false to the Natural Order process as known (knowledge) by the one who has developed the faculty of internalization--the faculty of rationality--lower Buddhi.

I am trying to remove this all from the objective concept level of intellection, of mentation, of ratiocination, which belongs to the objective manifold of values but does not belong to the inherent and essential phases of consciousness. I am orienting the whole thought to the development of the intrinsic faculty of consciousness itself and trying to remove the thought from the objective manifold of values in which the intellection, the ratiocination, the lower manas, motivated by emotions and emotional thinking is registered thalamically. This means sense contact where the thalamic registry goes through the thalamus and develops the cortical concept. Try to register the difference because the understanding will fall short if we do not perceive the difference between the development of the essential faculty of consciousness itself and the development of 'outer' mentation, the intellect, the conceptual method of acquiring information, ascertaining the apparent facts regarding 'things' and 'objects.' With this faculty which we label lower


Buddhi, we have an invariant criterion, a yardstick with which we can measure, evaluate, appraise every little consideration or every large measure. This faculty is a most exciting one to possess particularly when we read of world affairs, world conditions, vast movements, and can know the essential value which lies within them or the lack of any essential value. We are then never in a state of confusion about proper evaluation when we have developed this faculty of rationality. Instantaneously we know whether an event is true to the Natural Order or is off side from the Natural Order process, at once we know. It is doomed to failure if it isn't true to the Natural Order process of expanding growth and development for the individual and for the race as a whole. At once it is known; we don't have to wait for the inevitable results and therefore we will not lend ourselves to it. What a wonderful thing it is to possess oneself of this faculty. "With all of your getting, get understanding," get that understanding which makes for the development of that rational faculty--lower Buddhi. This takes the place of what Plato called psychic groping. Learning the hard way. We call it groping in the darkness and taking on experiences and in the midst of results wondering how we got into this mess. Then, getting ourselves out of one mess of psychic groping, taking on another similar experience, etc., round and round, constant psychic groping. To stand in the clear light of what we call lower Buddhi, which is the outcome of this ray of development, to stand in the lucid light and measure all 'things'--then if we do something we do it deliberately, with eyes wide open--not blindly seeking in the dark for Truth and Light. I think this particular ray of development is most essential.

I have found that those preponderantly on the love ray who have not brought up this link in the chain--this rationality, this lower Buddhi, are such children in a worldly-wise sense that they ought to have a guardian. As the disciples of Zarathustra said: "The former time Zarathustra came he walked the path crookedly, but this time he cannot see the path at all;" that is, he did not recognize any 'thing' in relativity. He had gone so far beyond conventional standards that there was no path to walk. That is representative of those who focus consciousness on the love ray.


It does not take long for one who understands these rays to accurately prognosticate what you are going to be in your next 'incarnation' because the weakest link in your chain of rays now indicates the ray you will incarnate on. "There is no chain stronger than its weakest link." We have to learn the hard way. So, don't bemoan or berate your present conditions. Look at and watch them with one question in your mind all the time. What is this? Is it for a purpose? I must learn the purpose. The faster we learn the purpose of environmental circumstances, the quicker we get out of them. "The more we kick against the pricks," the more we rebel against circumstances, the more we are going to get pricked back. Learn the lesson, why are you here in this combination of circumstances. The faster you learn it the quicker you will get out of it. Check back on yourself ten years or twenty years if you don't believe what I am saying. It is almost axiomatic; it works in you and me and in everyone. So as a group, as a people, as a country, it is a similar thing and works in a similar way. We must learn our lesson now and profit by it because we are here in the representations thereof in order to learn, in order to develop that faculty along with other faculties which must be developed. Let us welcome the conditions we find ourselves in. We will develop this thought further when in our course for beginners we come to the description of what is called karma and dharma. (We will describe how to be reconciled to the conditions and how to pass beyond them when they are no longer necessary as teachers for us.)

Know that nothing originates within your members; you and I and everyone are motivated by influences, by the ray of development which belongs to the over-all cosmic process and has no origin within our members. It is hard to lay down our egotism and accept this. Egotism will tell us that the thoughts we think originate in our craniums: "I think these thoughts," "they originate in my brain," etc.. Your brain is similar to a radio and the delicately poised groups of synapses and neurons are so finely adjusted to register waves-frequencies that they are much finer than the finest radio tube that man can devise. We pick up the wave-frequency according to our need at the moment, according to our affinities,


cultivated or acquired, according to the content of our consciousness, particularly of the psychic-nature. Those are the waves-frequencies which we register and let into what we call "my thinking," "I thought this," "I am going to get a patent on it," etc.. Then come the accusations of plagiarism. Recall the many cases in history where simultaneously in Germany, France and America identical discoveries were made and the controversies which resulted in trying to determine the original discoverer. Yet the wave-frequency was sent forth by a Higher One on higher levels and the more highly developed ones on this level tuned in, picked it up and brought it through. If you cannot accept this and lay down your egotism, then please get devotional and say this: "God"--meaning all Light's Regions you can think of and beyond,--"God is all in all, even in my thoughts," etc.. There is no such thing in this universe as origination; and to me the acceptance of this fact, the bowing to it, then the honoring of it--that is my description for humility. There are principalities and powers beyond my state; if I can tune in and be an instrument, that is the greatest of my absorptions and I hold that power in honor and glory and worship.

This becomes the result of functioning on the scientific ray, the acme of true knowledge.



Lesson IV

The Harmonic Ray

In these lessons on the Seven Rays of Development we have been trying to portray a background for the whole cosmic process and we have described the triad labeled, "Beyond Name and Form," (refer to diagram, page 4, Lesson I) beyond the gunas, which represents the silent, unmoved and unmoving background of all activity. Remember the crude illustration that we have so often used: place a strong magnet under a glass, sprinkle iron filings on top of the glass and watch how the iron filings will immediately form a pattern, similar to the frost pattern on a window pane. What is it that forms the pattern? What makes the substance flow into the patterns? "Beyond Name and Form;" the still, unmoved and unmoving; That which moves everything that is. That moves you and me and everything that exists, and without IT no movement. That means no time, because movement is a synonym for time. No time, and in the absence of time--what? Eternity; beyond the gunas. But there is a reflexion, a reflex action of the state of the unmoved and the unmoving. We have another triad representing the fecundating power of the great cosmic Mother substance. At this point when you think of the negative substance, the Great Mother, add quickly--"Worlds without form and void and darkness upon the face of the deeps," and you have what we mean by the negative substance, the Great Mother, before the contact is made by the positive power.

The reflex action that results from the union of the positive power with the negative substance brings forth all that exists, the Only Begotten Son. The Greeks called it the Logos, which has been translated as the Word. The only justification that we can find for translation of the Greek, Logos, into the English, Word, is in reference to the resonance, the sound--the sound currents. Have you heard them? Have you listened to them? Because in the sound currents we hear the frequencies of the activity within and of substance.


Substance is characterized by waves-frequencies, activity that results in that configuration that we label the Son, the Logos, the Word. The resonance of the activity described as waves-frequencies is what we call consciousness, the act of being aware, the act of knowing.

The difficulty of using a two-dimensional diagram for descriptive purposes is that the differentiation of the three primary rays which stream forth from the Central Sun of all Existences (the Logos--Cosmos) into the secondary streams of light, power, and force, or waves-frequencies, does not at first eventuate. This activity is preceded by chaos. The word cosmos means order; that order, cosmos, does not, like Minerva from the forehead of Zeus, spring into existence all at once. That first stupendous and tremendous activity on a cosmic scale is chaos, nebulous fiery chaos. We should do much reading and research in cosmology, astronomy and allied subjects, and then we would understand how a galaxy--order--is born out of a stupendous, gigantic fiery mist.

In our state of objective identification, we are prone to think of the Higher Ones, the orders of Angels (Devas), the orders of Archangels, Bright Beings, the orders of the higher developed, the Initiates of the Flame, the orders that reach beyond the Archetypal Gods and the Angels before the Throne; these, the Great Be-ings which we have as the representations of the Logos, and finally--the Logos--without remembering that they, every one of them, as we are now in process, were born of chaos before they reached their high state. We are prone to think that they are far removed from chaos and all that emerges out of it. Not so.

Those Greater Ones who have reached the throne of the Father-Mother-God and stand in ITS blazing light were born out of chaos and worked their way up like you and me, who also being born out of chaos, are, as we read in Aurobindo's Savitri, striving "to read the letters of the Cosmic Script," and learn what it is all about.

Out of chaos (note the two double spirals on the diagram, because it is a spiraling process and a double spiral


that cooperates in that which comes forth in the orders, in the cosmos) emerge Will, Activity, and Love; then the blending of those first three--the violet, green, and red (pink to crimson) rays. Color is the truest analogy which we have. Take the three primary gunas of light: violet, green, and red; blend them and re-blend them dozens of times. How many shades can you produce? There are thousands of shades to each primary color. Similarly, there is the blending of gunas, qualities.

Each quality is characterized by a wave-frequency (guna) which can also be heard as sound, resonance--the Word. They can be seen, heard, and do you know, each one has an odor. You can smell them. There are certain persons carrying specific gunas who can take a bath every day and still carry an odor, because they can't wash the gunas away. The gunas can be tasted. If we would stop deadening the taste buds with tobacco, etc., and would refine them we could taste the qualities, taste the gunas of those rays. Out of these blendings eventuate the orders, the secondaries. The three primaries produce the four secondary streams of force, the rays of development. In the cyclic process we change from one ray to another again and again and then move on to a higher rung in the scale of development and change and change, more and more until the seven are completely synthesized in our consciousness of Be-ing. The secondary rays are labeled Scientific, Ceremonial, Devotional, and Harmonic.

The Harmonic Ray is a wonderful ray and brings beauty to this sordid world. The heaven-born ones come in on this ray. Those who have evolved through the earth-born line of development cannot produce the beauty that the heaven-born ones bring with them. The earth-bound ones can learn the technique for rendition in all of the arts but they cannot put "soul quality" in their rendition. They can be brilliant technicians but their productions do not stir us and arouse in us 'soul' response. All the beauty that we have, earth-born ones and heaven-born ones, we owe to the heaven-born


ones who come in on this Harmonic Ray. The high value of this ray is obvious.

In describing these seven rays of development, we have said that as we spiral upward we synthesize into one act of consciousness (in one state of self-awareness) the seven rays of development. The further along the state of development, the greater becomes the manifestation, the execution, the portrayal of the seven rays and the evidence of this synthesis. So that in each palingenetic cycle one of these rays is always dominant and two rays subdominant; that means to say, each one of us exhibits the characteristics of one of these rays as primary and two as secondaries; so that we have three in point of order; we have one that is more predominant than the other two and one less predominant than the first but more predominant than the third or weakest one. This is what every Triune Self exhibits each time around, etc.; until the complete synthesis of the seven becomes incorporated in consciousness.

It is not difficult for one to determine whether he and/or another is on the harmonic ray; each might experience an element of confusion as to rays before they recognize the guna by which another ray is characterized; but on the harmonic ray there are no grounds for confusion because everyone on the harmonic ray exhibits one outstanding characteristic--they cannot stand inharmony. Inharmony demoralizes them and they have to get out of inharmonious situations; if they don't get out, the psyche will leave the body to get away from insufferable attacks, bloat, solar plexus knock-out blows, pains and aches in the heart, etc., etc., it means that there is inharmony somewhere in their home, associations or affiliations. Those on the harmonic ray more than those on any other ray just can't take it. Remember this if and when you have to deal with "shell shock," "battle fatigue," etc., cases.

Even though you find that you are on a ray other than the harmonic ray do not think you cannot practice incorporating the qualities of the other rays into your consciousness. The rapidly growing one will switch from one ray to


another within a given incarnation. Remember that as one's consciousness expands to the higher levels of development (let us say, to the third initiation) he should have all the seven rays pretty well synthesized so that he is versatile and can operate from one ray to another with ease and facility. We can anticipate reaching that degree of development by practicing the qualities pertaining to a ray other than the one we are on at the present time. It is very advisable for a rapidly developing person to practice the qualities pertaining to the other rays. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the harmonic ray, because so much depends upon the development of this ray in order to open oneself into the world of beauty and thus be able to tell others of the enjoyment of so much beauty all around us--beauty that the dumb objective-identifier tramples underfoot; beauty that he crushes as he goes, the beauty of love that he kills in the very manner of his loving for he cannot see the beauty all around him. You need the influence of the harmonic ray to enjoy the worlds of beauty and your eyes will open to them if you will practice the qualities by which the harmonic ray is characterized.

Because of the importance of this harmonic ray (I might be a little prejudiced here because I enjoy the worlds of beauty, the Darshan, the Tao, so much) I am anxious to get everyone into a state of seeing and experiencing the ineffable beauty all around us. Wait until you can see it, live in it and have it enhance and widen the enjoyment of living--the enjoyment of just plain everyday sleeping and eating. That is my particular slant on how to practice the harmonic ray, even though you might have other rays as a primary and two secondaries. In describing the practicing of living in it I will describe the harmonic ray.

The first step in living in the Harmonic Ray force is to discipline oneself in coordination. Did you ever see a person trying to do something when in himself he is all at sixes and sevens? Then look at his work because it becomes a representation of lack of coordination. Coordination of what?


Of thought, interest, attention, concentration, the flow of force into execution--into hands, feet, body, with everything coordinated. How do we start this discipline in coordination? It seems very simple; very hard for some when they first begin it. Put your mind on what you are doing while you are doing it. If you catch your mind wandering bring it back and focus it like a burning glass--whether on a five-minute job or a day-long job. Hold your mind on what you are doing; then all your functional forces will begin to channel into what you are doing. It is simple. When you eat, put your mind on it; but don't talk and eat at the same time. Eat and then turn your mind to the talking or to whatever else you are doing; hold yourself steady and all of your forces will begin to coordinate. This is just a little self-discipline and nobody is going to do it for you and I don't suppose anybody cares whether you do it or not. But if you want harmonic coordination this is the way to get it. If you practice, it will not be many months before there will be a great change in your life.

The next step: practice rhythm; practice the rhythmic breath. Go out walking; inhale the breath into your lungs as you walk six steps; hold the breath for three steps; exhale for six steps and hold the vacuum for three steps. Or you might start with a count of eight and four. You will notice the effort for a week or two but keep practicing this rhythmic breath; it will gradually dawn upon you that everything is quiet within you, purring along, etc.. As a result of this practice jittery influences can come and go and they won't disturb you. Don't give it up; just breathe rhythmically, hum, sing, beat time as you work, live, etc.. Whatever you do, whether singing quietly or out loud--whatever you do--do it as a rhythmic exercise. Practice industriously. This is only the beginning; if you continue to practice the first two phases of this discipline the world of beauty will begin to open; you will learn how to listen to the pulse beat of nature's finer forces. How can words describe it? No matter how difficult it seems, here is the simple beginning. You can go and sit on the beach and listen to the rhythmic beat of the surf;


listen to its rhythm. Or you might get a stethoscope and listen to your heart beat. By and by the rhythm gets into your consciousness.

I always have a favorite spot. This is Vitvan's secret; it must be among trees, the older the better, for the power of them is stronger, the radiance more powerful. I get very quiet and sit and listen; pretty soon I catch the pulse beat of nature's finer forces in the aura that surrounds the trees. I bask in it and in my psyche I roll around in it like a cat in catnip. The joy sings in my heart. You can cultivate that joy song until you are conversant with it. It comes by a sort of inner listening. Keep trying and keep trying; you can actually hear it, feel it, and experience it--this pulse beat of the World Mother. When you do that you are cultivating the harmonic ray at the same time.

You can encompass another in your rhythm; this is the key to all healing. If a practitioner can establish frequency-harmony with his patient ninety percent of his work is done. When we come to faith healing, psychic healing, 'spiritual' healing, Mind-level healing, etc., frequency-harmonic becomes the first prerequisite. There are healers in our work as well as teachers and the healer must establish that concord (synchronization in wave-frequencies) with the consciousness of another before he begins his realization for that other one. I have expressed it in times past this way: the way to go 'out' to another is to go 'in' until you find this other one within your own heart-center consciousness. The Aristotelian can't get this point; he wants to go 'out' and do something. No. He must go 'in' until he finds that one within himself. When he finds that one within himself he has gone 'out'! That is the way it works. To heal, go 'in' until you find him in the frequencies, the concord, the love, and then do your work. I am telling you a whole volume on healing and how to do it. Learn this simple little thing; of going 'in'. Establish that oneness--rapport--and in the degree that you do it you can go 'out' to another one. It works miracles, but when you see the results, keep your mouth


shut. Make him think he is doing it. Let him tell you. Do your work behind the veil; remain silent and give credit to everyone else; never take any credit to yourself. Never tell what you are doing and you will grow in stature. You will learn how powerful IT really is. Do silent work, quiet work, behind the scenes. Don't let that ego raise its little worm head! Stay in silence until you can feel the cadence of energy forces in you; energy pours in; forces begin to flow and there is a cadence to them. They are characterized by a rhythm; then you work in the flow of your own rhythmic forces.

I do physical work, but never work on what is called physical energy. I work on the flow of the cadence; the flow of inner energy. So long as I can remain conscious of the flow and the cadence of inner energy I do not fatigue; I can go on and on. Sometimes I find it difficult to get the flow started because my forces have been directed elsewhere. Perhaps I have been teaching for awhile and then turn to 'physical' work on the configurational level and try to get the force flowing into my configuration. Until the force begins to flow I have no vital energy, no pep, and I want to sit down and rest. The flow is not there yet, but I coax it and pretty soon it begins to flow. So, there is something other than the objective identifier's concepts about building energy, etc.. Some of the prize fighters have gotten on to this. Sharkey learned deep breathing to revitalize his configuration. He learned how to tap in on the flow of energy.

Work on these three steps until you experience the cadence of your own energy forces, and not until then will creative experience come--in writing, painting, dancing, etc.. Learn to "dance before the Lord"--whatever your referent for the word Lord. Who put the long face on religion? Some Anthony Comstock? When we are all lit up with the spirit we want to dance and sing and give praise and thanksgiving. That is true religion. "David learned to dance before the Lord." Some get into the joy song until they dance like dervishes in creative expression. All of the arts become possible with this built-up, cumulative force and the orientation to the


Harmonic Ray. This is worth working for; you will see beauty within the exterior beauty, beauty surrounding beauty, and in my opinion you just begin to live. Until you get into the beauty you are dead. Take it step by step; get earnest about it; get on the job; work at it and live in the joy song of life. Then God-presence will not stay away from you because it seeks such channels through which to express itself.

Devotional Ray

Devotion is a wonderful power, a wonderful ray, a wonderful octave of waves-frequencies to be on. If it were not for the devotion that man has for his woman, that a man has for his children, that a man has for his home and for his country, even a devotion that goes beyond trying to preserve his life, his 'physical' existence, much that we value and revere today would not be available to us. Look back in history and see what we owe to those on the devotional ray. All of the beliefs, the philosophies, the religions--Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Mohammedanism, etc., it matters not what religion you mention, there was a deep devotion to it that brought it in and preserved it down through the ages.

One on the devotional ray is a preserver of the factors and values that have gone into a given culture!

When it comes to war times and the need arises to protect culture, country, etc., a great surge of what we call patriotism is manifested. We call it patriotism but it is only devotion--the devotional attitude.

No matter how many times you may be deceived in your man or your woman, do not allow that deception to turn you away from that man or that woman. Stay devoted to that one, it may save him and may make him.

It is a marvelous quality. When we read in history and see how all that is worthwhile is preserved by those who are devoted to a cause, to a purpose, we realize that we must not overlook the devotional ones; they are a wonderful people!


Ceremonial Ray

Ceremony means order, on the higher levels. We have a basic trinity in our School--structure, function, order. The reason we put order in that trinity is because we realize that there is order in the universe--natural order. We label our School out of that understanding.

No matter how chaotic things may seem, karma created--'as a man soweth so shall he reap'--even in the chaos, order is brought about. Can you catch that? Order is brought about because if one doesn't learn how to conform to order, the chaos he has created is going to teach him that "every knee shall bend and every tongue shall confess"--meaning, he shall conform to order. We can learn order the easy way or we can learn it the hard way, but we are going to learn it.

Here is how order applies and in the many years of my ministry I have had occasion to stress it a great deal. There is no metaphysics, no occultism, no mysticism in the teachings of this School for this reason: we understand order enough to know that we must go step by step, orderly, and not try to go up some other way by taking peyote, LSD, pills, hashish, etc., the back way; do nothing and try to become a beatnik, dharma bum, hippie, etc.--try to disregard order. Well, all right, try it and learn the hard way that you have to conform to order, to the order of your growth, development, etc., or you won't learn it.

Here is an example of one functioning on the Ceremonial Ray: I was entertained in a home in Boston where I used to live and teach. It was a windy day and not wearing my hat my hair was mussed up. When I arrived, I asked my hostess, "May I use your comb and brush?" I combed my hair and placed the comb and brush on the dresser. The hostess picked them up and put them down at a certain angle. I knew she was on the Ceremonial Ray because she had to have everything in precise order.

Go into a man's office. If he is on the Ceremonial Ray everything is in order. Go into a man's home and if he has a workshop and if he is on the Ceremonial Ray, on the darkest night he can put his hand on any tool; it is in the right spot. But on the Harmonic Ray, by way of contrast, where is the hammer, etc.? On the Ceremonial Ray everything has its order and is in its place.