UFO Phenomena

The UFO Phenomena And Its Spiritual Background

The UFO-Phenomena is just one way of meeting other realities into our daily-consciousness, beside ie. Out of Body Experience, Meditation (Higher-Self integration), Channeling and other influences of so called Paranormal, which is just the border of our own understanding of reality.

The UFO-Phenomena as indication of extraterrestrial presence, or as inner perception of a realization of subtle realities - the phenomena is wide range. Here a more spiritual oriented approach to perceive the phenomena: 
  • UFO Mini FAQ (Steve Gamble)
    Highly recommended FAQ with a lot of addresses and references
  • UFO-GUIDE (Nick Humphries)
    Who-is-who of UFO-society and their stories and backgrounds
  • ALIEN-CULTURES (div. Authors)
    Overview of cultures ie. Pleiadians, Zeta-Reticulis (Greys) and others as well.