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An Approach To A Phenomena

The main doorway through which many ETs choose to come to you is the door of the human consciousness. We would like to explore that doorway with you. We would also like to explore what happens to you when one of us comes knocking at your door. How does your reality reorganize itself so you either assimilate our contact or repress it? The extraterrestrial contact coming to your planet at this time is not only a symptom of your evolution, it is triggering your evolution. [...]

-- Excerpt from You Have All Had ET Contact by Lyssa Royal.


Well, generally said, "abduction" is an expression of a victim, but there is an agreement always involved. We are working on integration of other realms, even all that what we call Dreams, or our sub-consciousness. Those inner realities or more subtle realms now knocking on our inner doors, some are afraid, some learn by traumatic experience, some understand and tear down their resistance, as many recent articles from abductees has shown. The way to interact is wide-range, but one is common: We may learn to be more complete within ourselves . . . as multi-dimensional beings.