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Star People: Vedic-Understanding

by Jal Kae

Discussion Fragment About Understanding Of Star-People

Someone asked on the Usenet:

Any Star People here?
Jal Kae 10 Aug 1994 writes:

Greetings! We are Jal Kae and Ataza. We don't know exactly what you mean by "here" - on the net or on the planet, but in either case, the answer is "yes." We refer to ourselves as "star seeds." We are here to seed the planet with fifth-dimensional energies, models of reality, and technologies of consciousness. The specific role of our group is "to begin to live a miraculous life." How are we going to do it? by following our spirit without hesitation. That is our prime directive. In our view, our presence was requested by the planetary consciousness; we are acting as "buffers" so that the transition from dense, third-dimensional existence can flow as smoothly as possible into an exalted, fifth-dimensional existence.

We are not alone. There are millions of us here. Most are known as "wake-ups." These are masters who have projected their consciousness into human forms at the time of birth. These selfless beings allowed themselves to be subjected to the full brunt of what is called here "socialization." Many are currently in the process of waking up to their true identities. We are "walk-ins." We are fifth-dimensional masters projecting our consciousness into these forms to communicate with you, to serve awakening masters and the planetary consciousness itself, in whatever way our spirit directs.

Jal Kae

Chuck673 15 Aug 1994 wrote:

Assuming what you're saying is true, than why doesn't the religious masters espescially in the eastern culture share your same views. They don't talk about dimensions, or being from another world. It would be easier for me to swallow if I can see parallels between your statements and other religions.
Jal Kae 16 Aug 1994 replied:

In the "Srimad Bhagavatam", many dimensions are described, as well as beings who inhabit other planets. They go into great detail about it. For us, everybody has to come from somewhere. Where do you think your consciousness originates? is it simply a human thing acquired at birth and lost at death, or is it something more, let's say, lasting. If you think the former, then you are identifying yourself as a mortal human.

If you jump up a dimensional step to the fourth dimension (the astral plane), you have the opportunity to identify yourself as one who is traveling through lifetimes, working through karma and trying to become enlightened. In a way, you have a choice as to which identity to wear. And, as the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality, which one you choose will begin to unfold before you. Yet, if it's not your time to move into a fourth-dimensional lifestyle (this is in the hands of spirit), it just won't happen; besides, you'll be in resistance to it - that reality will not be true for you.

Similarly, a fifth-dimensional reality is not a matter of choice. We have come to this planet at this time because the cosmic timing says it's right. We don't have a choice in the matter; we follow our spirit without hesitation. When it says Go we go. (this behavior of following your spirit can lead in a wonderful direction.) This phenomenon of other-dimensional beings visiting this planet is not new. It has just been on a limited basis, because the planetary consciousness has been exploring limitation. Jesus Christ, for example, was/is a tenth-dimensional master. He blew many people away - they called him god. (in the dimensional model we use, the tenth dimension is described as "the light that permeates all things.")

As to why we're here now - and we're not alone: there are millions of us on the planet, most have entered through the birth process ("crawl- ins"), while some enter by walking in - well, the planetary consciousness is shifting. Aren't you? Who knows, maybe you are here to participate in this grand experiment, as well. At the very least, for us, you are an immortal, divine spark. If you take a stand for this identity (or any other identity that is true for you), the universe will begin to rearrange itself to accommodate this picture of reality, and everything will shift from you. As an immortal spark, you'll find that you won't need "mental proof" for things. Another way of determining truth will emerge: through your *knowing*: you just know something is true. This is direct spiritual data; you begin to base your actions on spiritual data, rather than mental, physical, or emotional data. This can be scary, at first. But once you get the hang of it, you find that the other ways of relating were very dry, suspicious, and, in the end, empty. Spirit is rich, clear, loving, and strong. Of course, your experience of your spirit would different. This is cool. My "essence", or the force i represent, is divine harmony. This colors my experience in whatever form my spirit desires me to take.

By the way, a scientific view is emerging that includes other dimensions. "Light, in fact, can be explained as vibrations in the fifth dimension." -From the preface of "hyperspace," by michio kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the city college of the city university of new york. We agree; and we would add that light is miraculous. Professor kako might not agree with our assertion that we (at least, our consciousnesses) are from that dimension. That's because there is no way to "prove" this within a third-dimensional context, which science demands. But we are not third-dimensional scientists, nor are we here to prove anything. We are divine sparks, here on a mission - assist in a planetary transformation.

We offer models of reality, fifth-dimensional technologies, and we function as portals so that wonderful energies, light, and structures can enter into this plane. Again, this is not something exclusive to us. We are doing our small part in shifting the current fear-based civilization to a truly civilized one that is love based.

We wish that the highest possibilities manifest for you on your quest.

We are one mission
Jal Kae